Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations

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Community Relations proposes a partnership with the Street Vendor Project, a labor project that organizes food cart operators and defends them from city harassment. Through this partnership, they would set up a website that would allow people to support food vendors who have been negatively affected by our presence here by donating food to the occupation via online orders from the food vendors. The Street Vendor Project will facilitate placing the orders and getting them delivered to our kitchen, but take no cut for themselves. The labor and resources to set this up are all being donated.

3 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations”

  1. alex

    Does this Community Relations project need General Assembly consensus?

    My understanding is that the GA has empowered working groups to undertake autonomous action. Since this program is volunteer for any OWS member or other person to participate in, it seems like Community Relations should feel free to go ahead with the program without seeking General Assembly consensus.

  2. maria f

    This proposal sounds 100% great to me but also not sure if it requires GA consensus. Did we get consensus to put the other restaurants that we link to from our site up? It seems like it would just be some additional options for people to donate food so maybe this project could be turned into an announcement?

  3. david bilmas

    i think since these carts don’t have the capacity to produce that restaurants do maybe it’d be more efficient to offer vouchers for any of the vendors. people could donate vouchers to specific carts and then it’d be easier to ensure that neither the vendor’s supply is exhausted nor their time to service non-occupiers

    just a thought