Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations

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Merchants Alliance Proposal – This is a draft for the GA – it has NOT been approved!

Some local merchants have been supporting us. To support them and keep access to facilities it would be helpful if we showed consistent consideration of their needs.

They are requesting that we:

  • Look presentable meaning wearing shirts and shoes:
  • Don’t eat outside food
  • Don’t hang out more than 30 min
  • Buy something if you are going to spend time more than just using bathrooms

I propose that Community Relations be empowered to hand out a flier explaining explaining what the GA has agreed in terms of treatment of local merchants that says:

The GA has come to a consensus on the following points. We will ask all Occupiers and allies to:

  • Display non-violence, quietness, kindness and understanding at all times when dealing with our merchant neighbors, even when there is a dispute being discussed.
  • Buy at least some product for each 1 hour we stay on merchant premises.
  • Dress presentably including wearing shirts and shoes.
  • Avoid consuming food and drink from outside.
  • Remain awake while on merchant premises.

3 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations”

  1. tracy everitt

    This is brilliant advice to all protestors!
    I love this movement and its whole body of people in it!

  2. A. Fleming

    Question: As it seems complimentary, could this proposal be integrated with the Good Neighbor Policy?

  3. Maureen Purdue

    It sounds appropriate. Occuppy wants to remain supported by local merchants.