Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Public Relations

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Public Relations working group is requesting $300 dollars for a wifi hotspot and laptop for the press desk:

1 wifi hotspot: $50
1 used laptop: $150-$250

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  1. emma

    Clarifying question: on Oct 18, the GA approved spending $1500 “for the construction of a freedom tower which is a powerful mobile hot spot and VPN uplink.” Can the Public Relations working group use this hotspot and thus save $50?

    • Tom Gillis

      The Freedom Tower should have more than enough bandwidth, and is available for all in the park to use.

  2. dan

    Yes, the Freedom Tower has been up and running and covers the whole park, use the SSID “The Free Network 5GHz” or just “The Free Network”.

  3. emma

    Great! In that case, I suggest a Friendly Amendment in that the P.R. Working Group removes the request for $50 for a hotspot from the proposal.

  4. A. Fleming

    Concern: This proposal is sorely lacking in crucial details and specifics– which concerns me. If the funds are approved for what will the computer be used? Also, if it is only one (1) computer, have donations been sought? What features/software does the computer need to have? Or does it merely need to have Internet access? This information is absolutely necessary to include in proposals.

    • dicey troop

      I’m not sure what that stuff actually has to do with the proposal, actually. The PR team needs a computer with internet access for the media desk. Areas eligible for clarification would be: a) why does the media desk need a computer? and that seems kind of obvious, b) why can’t you use the freedom tower – that’s totally a legit question, though i suspect it has a good answer, or c) why do you need that amount of money?

      other stuff is not part of this proposal. i think we as a GA need to work harder to differentiate between what is and is not a valid ‘clarifying question’. we waste a looooot of time asking questions that don’t actually relate to the proposal. remember, working groups are autonomous w/in their area of concern! GA is not supposed to micromanage these things.

  5. Robert Segal

    I was present at the Facilitation W/G when PR submitted this item for the agenda. Because PR seemed amenable to a donated computer (such as we get from time to time) and although this proposal was characterised as not urgent, PR has requested a new machine from the General Fund, anyway. I do not understand why they do not first pursue a donation, instead.

  6. emma

    Honestly, I find it worrying that this Public Relations working group (which I assume is different from the Press Relations working group?) hasn’t yet set up a group website here on nycga.net. I can’t find any further information on them.

    You know, if it were a carpentry or landscaping or cross stitching working group, fair enough, but this is supposed to be our P.R. working group. They should be plugged in (and yes, you can borrow a computer to do that). And know that we have wifi in the park.

    In short, my clarifying question is: do you guys have any experience in P.R.?

  7. dicey troop


    The PR working group is sometimes called Public Relations, sometimes called Press Relations — but they’re both the same group. They meet at 6pm at Pret A Manger on Broadway like a block north of the park, I think three days a week? Not sure which. They actually are super pros — and I think if they are a little bit too invisible it’s because of that; many of them are graciously volunteering their few hours away from their serious PR/press jobs.

    Also to address your concern about the Internet — I think the Freedom Tower is amazing but if it went down, would everyone in the park go offline? Redundancy, as long as it is well-thought-out, is really important. And for the PR team, which is one of the few totally outward-facing working groups, I can see it being doubly so.

    • emma

      The fact that Press and P.R. is the same group clears up a lot of confusion from my end.