Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/24/2011

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Coordination Meeting

Facilitator: Chen

Agenda Items:
36.1.1 Reportbacks
36.2.1 Are folks getting what they need from Info?
36.3.1 Off-site Support Space
36.4.1 Discussion of Peacekeeping Meetings
36.5.1 How Groups are Created and Maintained
36.6.1 Moving items and fund to other occupations

36.1.1 Reportbacks:

36.1.2 Internet: The minutes email can be, plus on the resources section of the website, where it can be formatted as a file.

36.1.3 Community Relations: We are working to negotiate new off-site work-space. We’d like a group to help coordinate the use of the space we have and the space we’re getting.
We want to figure out some of the points of progress we’ve codified, drumming seems like a big problem, and we have a hotline. Our job is to reportback between the community and OWS groups

36.1.4 Alternative Banking: We had a 17-person meeting with a conference call. We spoke with Alternative Economy about handing off the Bank Transfer Day. We also spoke about credit unions or alternative banking. Next Sunday, 3-5, East 20th, 5th Floor.

36.1.5 Library: We’re showing movies now. We’re using this earpiece thing to broadcast sound.

36.1.6 People of Color and Outreach had a organizing lunch, with 200 people, talked about OWS in the boroughs. It went really well, it was twice the size of the last one.

36.1.7 Spanish: We had our meeting yesterday, with 50 people and more digitally. Next Sunday, 60 Wall, we will meet again, English speakers welcome.

36.1.8 Environmental: 4PM, 60 Wall St.

36.1.9 Facilitation: We’re starting an on-site facilitation table 10-6PM. We’re working on a proposal to make the General Assembly process more efficient, which will include a 24-hour feedback period before proposals hit the floor.

36.1.10 SIS: we’re doing well, taking stuff in, giving it out. Going to GA to get a monthly fee of $500 for UPS. We want to buy shelves, too. Please spread the support.

36.1.11 Open Source: We’re looking for project managers to help us implement agile development. Please get in contact with me, drew, or shen.

36.1.12 PR: We’re putting out info about finance, which is a big PR soft spot, as well as community relations and we’re liaising with the cops.

36.1.13 Info: We’re coordinating with internet to have quicker information flow, plus we can update the website for folks. We are buying laptops, which we plan to defend with a bulldog. Please let us know what you need.

36.1.14 Education and Empowerment: There’s a lot going on, a lot of folks are scattered. WORKING GROUP meeting Friday, 8:30. A subcommittee is Nomadic University.

36.1.15 Food: We have a mealtime schedule to try. 730-10 breakfast, 1130-330 lunch, 6-10 dinner. We’re planning to attend the conference we’ve discussed. We’re working on making our distro to working groups smaller and better.

36.1.16 Comfort: We have a ton of tents and sleeping bags, we want to give working groups with folks at Liberty priority on those.
On Tents: Can we use them? We don’t ask for permission, and some are, in fact, up. We have concerns that the tents hide unsavory activity.

36.1.17 Structure: We’re thinking of pushing our spokescouncil proposal back to Friday. We’re doing teach-ins to Wednesday, then putting something online with all the feedback we’ve gotten.

36.1.18 Peace Council: There’s a lot of concern with safety and other issues. We think there’s drug dealing, local gangs on hand, according to security, which is unreliable.

36.1.19 Internet and Open Source want you to come to us with concerns, etc., about the website. We are doing the project management thing.

36.1.20 DA: We are now a hub, not a vanguard. 2PM Trinity Church. Stop Government Sorcery march to the Secret Police at 2Pm.

36.1.21 Stop Stop and Frisk: We took people up to Harlem, there was civil disobedience. About 5 were arrested from OWS. October 22d march had 700 from here.

36.1.22 Finance: Posting our balance sheet today, online. I can’t do it hour by hour, it’s more month by month. We had some miscommunication from internet, I had to go to Boston, but I have a balance sheet right here. I’m trying to find it now. Balance about $423,000. Please look to the website for this balance sheet.

36.2.1 Proposal to adopt a meeting structure:
We will have 1 minutes report backs, ask for members of press to leave at the beginning of the meeting, have 5 minute items, and cap the meeting at 90 minutes.
36.2.2 Friendly Amendment: Let’s have a co-facilitator.
36.2.3 How do we decide to adopt or carry items?
36.2.4 We already do a good job self-policing what is important, we probably don’t need this mechanism. If someone is taking lots of time, we have a breakout group. That can be items that are less universally relevant
36.2.5 We could use Google Docs for agile development and agenda development.
R: I don’t have a lot of internet access. I don’t like that because it shits people out [twinkles].
36.2.6 We can list what items are on the agenda, bump items to the top, or reject them.
36.2.7 Isn’t this is already the same meeting structure we use?
36.2.8 When we make decisions about the internet, we do it in person. Also, please make sure decisions to take more time do not take more time.
36.2.9 Please create a structure for a takeaway action and bring back the proposal.
36.2.9 Friendly amendment: Let’s briefly review minutes at the beginning of meetings.


36.3.1 Tents Item merged with peace Council.
We have formed our own ghetto, which is a security and social concerns. We have local gangs, as well. Food and comfort is free, it’s police free. We’re trying to get identifiable sashes for people who are up all night, maybe 15, to do a direct action and move people out of the park. Let’s make it slightly less accommodating. Close the kitchen at 8PM. Folks stay up to 4AM, sometimes police come in. Tents are a concern because they hide things and enable people to sleep later.
36.3.2 Do we have professional drug workers, health workers?  We should do harm reduction.
36.3.3 Police are letting it fester, but we do have some health workers.
36.3.4 Everyone needs to join this group. It’s a huge problem we need to deal with, and direct action folks need to be ready to use nonviolence. We can’t neglect the society we want to change.


36.4.1 Off-site spaces.
We have the storage space. We need to assemble support for that space. Outreach, archives, food, comfort are using that space, need to step up to cleaning and taking care of it. The support nerve center we’re looking at, other folks looking at office space need to talk with me. I need help thinking of how to proceed on moving working groups into it, etc.
I’ve been contacted by a donor who woks with real estate and NY city planning. She’s looking at office space or live/work space.
The space we’re looking at could probably have every working group move into it tomorrow, we just need to figure out how to allot the space, etc. There is no cost.
36.4.2 We have a lot of space offers. Let’s ask for space of sufficient size, with power and internet. We should say, this is what meets our qualifications, let’s work from there.
R:That’s the whole idea.
36.4.3 Could outreach work on outer borough spaces? We are making progress on this.
36.4.4 The more the working groups move from Liberty Plaza, the more we neglect our symbolic space. A Breakout could be arranged


36.5.1 How groups are formed and maintained.

Drew was asked to remove demands working group. There is no formal process of what a working group is.

36.5.2 This is very pertinent to the kitchen because we have a lot of people coming from working groups to get food. We’re trying to limit doing this. We agreed to limits in another meeting, but some working groups feel left out of that decision. Some sort of legitimacy would help us.

36.5.3 As a structure member, I want to remind folks of our teach-ins and the fact that a spokescouncil would help solve this problem. This meeting was talked about as a spokescouncil model. Temperature Check: Positive.

36.5.4 If we did that, we would need someone from structure to do that.

36.5.5 As SIS, we have been policing working groups as folks try to get supplies, but it shouldn’t be our responsibility.

36.5.6 Proposal: All working group registrations should go through info.
Extended for 3min.

36.5.7 This is totally contingent on spokes councils. Nothing to be done here.

36.5.8 With finance, we can cut off funding for groups that don’t bring receipts, maybe even for folks who break agreements (drummers).

36.5.9 Walkie-talkies, sashes would help.
I’ve cut off funds to some people who I don’t believe are consenting with a legitimate working group. It’s a problem. We need to register.

36.5.10 There is a form at info. Does it need to be ratified in some way?

I36.5.11 nfo: You register, you ID yourself visually, you talk to finance to make a budget.
Info and finance should meet now, coordinate this issue as we wait for the spokescouncil.


36.6.1 Sharing Resources.
The Metro brought a concern in a story, that have lots of resources and are not sharing them. Let’s figure out how to share.

36.6.2 I got a call from Boston and Oakland, saying they need specific stuff. Let’s have a weekly call to distribute our wealth. Let’s have a national legal fund.

36.6.3 When we talk about the spokecouncil, it came up that maybe the funds it was dealing with should be for the whole movement. If we figure out how to disburse them, then we have more legitimate claim to what’s left.

36.6.7 The library has been spreading its wealth already.

36.6.8 Occupy Together is supposed to be a clearinghouse.
R: It is just a website, it is very nebulous.

36.6.9 We have $416,000 in the bank, we’ve spent $60000, it’s a lot, but not as much as people think. I’d like to do some sort of percentage thing, as well as especially moving in-kind stuff.

36.6.10 Let’s focus on supporting occupations in NYC first.

36.6.11 I’m going back to Colorado, my plan is to spread this. If there’s things to share, that’s great, but relationships and skillshares are what’s needed.

36.6.12 How can we share with other occupations if we can’t share with our working groups?

36.6.13 One of the main complainers was Philly, but food is going to a conference there. If we can get a truck, we can bring them supplies. Anyone who could help, see me.

36.6.14 I don’t think we can rely on one article to decide that to do. The media are looking for whatever chinks they can find. Let’s be deliberate. We should also thin about internat’l occupations.
Breakout group on this today.

Betsy and Drew will co-facilitate, Daniel from Structure will help to make the spokes council happen.

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