Announcing: Subscribe to Events!

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We are very please to be rolling out another new feature of the site tonight: Event Subscriptions and RSS Feeds!

These two features have been very highly requested already and we’re psyched to be able to roll them out so soon. Let me break them down.

  1. Events Subscriptions (.ICS): This will allow you to view an up-to-date stream of the NYCGA events list in whatever calendar application you typically use. This could be Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook, or even your smartphone. How do you get in on this, you ask? Why, I’m glad you asked! At the top of the events page, you’ll see a link that says “Subscribe”. Click on this and a little box will pop up with a link. That link is your golden ticket. The method for adding this to your calendar application will vary from product to product, but here’s how to subscribe to an .ics to Google Calendar to get you started. When you’ve completed that process, your calendar will begin to fill up with the NYCGA events stream.
  2. Events Feed (RSS): Right next to the ICS link mentioned above, you’ll also see a link to RSS. This is a very useful standard protocol for sharing information. You can subscribe to RSS Feeds in software like Google Reader, Pulse for iOS, and many more “reader” style applications. If you click on the RSS link on the events page, you will be take directly to the RSS feed for all NYCGA events. If you’d like to learn more about RSS and what it offers, try wikipedia.
Visit the Events page now and get started!
Please note that at this time, both of these options are only able to output the full “fire hose” of NYCGA events. That is to say, all of our events are pushed to your calendar. We realized that there are a lot of events on the site already and that number is sure to keep growing. With such a huge volume of events, a visual calendar view is sometimes hard to make sense of. In the future, we do hope to offer more customized events subscription options (for example, the ability to only subscribe to the events by the groups you belong to). Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Announcing: Subscribe to Events!”

  1. Haywood

    Jeff, this is great.

    At the INFO desk we recently had a flatscreen monitor donated and we’d love to have these feeds displayed in a scroll. Is there a program or plugin you know of which will take this feed and have it on a rolling scroll?

  2. Nina

    Haywood – Yes!! Is there anyway to bring the beauty of this feature to the Info Table in the park? People ask all the time about events, schedules, etc and we regulary refer them to the website but it was would BE SO AWESOME if we could get them the info right there.