Announcing: Events System Live!

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We are very pleased to announce that our events management and scheduling system is now live on the site. We were hoping to have it before our soft-launch last week, but when you start to play with it, we’re pretty confident you’ll agree that it was well worth the wait.

It offers a huge range of features which have all be custom-tailored to best serve the NYCGA Community and the various groups therein. Some of the majors features you’ll find:

  • An ‘Upcoming Events’ section in the right sidebar of all pages. This gives you quick access to the next bunch of events on the docket so you don’t miss a thing!
  • A detailed “Events” tab. This is the hub of the events system and lets you view all events in the future. You can search for events between any date range, any category, any group, and even display events only from the groups of which you are currently a member!
  • Group Admin and Mods can create new events from the Group>Events tab. After you enter in all the relevant information about your event, it will be added to the calendar and the activity feed will show that you created it. The event creation page allows you lots of flexibility, including recurring event series (for those daily or weekly meetings), Google Maps integration for locations around the city, and a “Location Details” field to describe exactly where in the park you will be meeting, or how to get upstairs at 16 Beaver.
  • Entire events stream is available as an RSS feed, making it completely open and transparent with the rest of the web.
And that just scratches the surface. We invite you to check out the new features and begin filling your group with all the events that keep this occupation moving forward at such an incredible pace.
Happy Broswing!
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5 Responses to “Announcing: Events System Live!”

  1. George


    Is this the official (or as official as anything in the 99% movement can be) list of demands? I’ve seen lots of lists of proposed demands floating around, and an open Google doc constantly being revised. Just want to make sure that this is the list the movement has generally settled upon.

    • jakedeg


      This is NOT official. This is the ideas of one thematic group. The only official documents are those located in the RESOURCES section of this website. Anything else you see is just individuals or groups of individuals expressing themselves freely. We love free expression, but it does not imply that these demands are based on a consensus in the movement.

  2. Rob Wheeler


    While I love the idea of trying to organize some kind of national organizing effort and a broad based national assembly, I think that this proposal has not been thought through very carefully and does not make a lot of strategic sense. The idea of holding a national gathering on July 4th in Philadelphia and beginning to plan for this now is very appealing however. But why limit this assembly to 870 delegates and what if some districts do not want to select/elect a delegate. And why wait until next July to hold the first National Assembly and to decide on or approve a platform when with modern communication tools we can do these things virtually much quicker than this and in a much more participatory manner.

    Instead of committing ourselves to such a rigid plan, without even consulting with most of the Occupy US groups, I would suggest that the occupy movement should begin to discuss how we can build a platform and action campaign in a much more open and participatory manner right now and then start it within the next couple of weeks; and then how we can begin to set up a representative process and body that includes all of the occupy organizations as soon as we can.

    There are a lot of us with experience in how such things can be done, from the peace and anti-nuclear movements, anti-globalization movement, groups that are active at the UN, etc.

    In addition, we should not be targeting the 2014 election in 2012. We should be targeting the 2012 election. And we should not be throwing out the baby with the bath water by opposing all sitting congress people. Why would we want to get rid of Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Barbara Boxer, etc to name just a few? By opposing all of our political representatives we would just be shooting ourselves in the foot. No matter how frustrated and angry we are with the Democrat and Republican parties – blindly opposing all Democrats and Republicans is just crazy.

    We would lose all of the mainstream support that the Occupy movement is now getting.

    I hope my response will be shared with all of those that have come up with and supported these ideas. Again I really like the idea of holding a national General Assembly in Philadelphia on July 4th and of developing and supporting a national agenda and action campaign. I just think that a lot more thought needs to go into how to organize and develop these things.

    Rob Wheeler
    long time political organizer and activist
    Scotland, Pennsylvania
    robwheeler22 @

  3. soothsayer

    google calendar was better. more flexible, and broad reaching. ever since this new nycga site is up whatever events that were on the calendar are now lost. I only found out about the granny peace brigade action at lincoln center from the google calendar, if this nycga site was active earlier, i would not have found out about it.

    There’s also no way people outside the system (now that nycga has become the system/authority) to add stuff to the calendar.

    and it also makes sense to create a more flexible events page now that national and local attention is focused on OWS, people are always looking for info on events, speakers, actions, etc. and not finding it. whatever info found on facebook or twitter is spotty at best.