NYCGA Minutes 10/2/2011, 7:30PM

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/2/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators: John, Nalini?


Facilitator (F): We have a welcome table and an info table. If you want to help out go see either table. They got information; they can point you in the right way. We also have working groups. Join a working group. Working groups are autonomous. They do great things. Come and help out. You can get that info at either of those tables. We also have some thematic groups. Those groups are around issues. So if you want to talk about issues, join a thematic working group. My name is Nalini.

F: My name is Jason. We are your facilitators for this GA. If you want to be a facilitator we have a working group. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can join. We meet at 5:30. Sorry, 4pm. So we’re gonna explain how the process works.

F: This means, “I like.” This means, “I’m on the fence.” This means, “I don’t really like.” This means, “speak louder.” One more, this means “point of process.” That means if you think there is an issue with following the process of the general assembly, you make the point. Please do not use this for comments and please be respectful. We may not call on you for this, but we will see there is an issue of process. Also, hold it up after the person is speaking. It’s really rude when a lot of people are holding this up, shaking their hands, when someone is speaking. So please wait til after the person is speaking. This is Hero.

Stack (S): My name is Hero and I’m taking stack. If there is something you would like to announce for your working groups, give me your name and your working group and I will put you on stack.

S: We use a progressive stack system. Progressive stack means that we put people in order, or we might jump them ahead if they are from a marginalized background. So everyone can speak and different people can speak.

F: After working group announcements we have regular announcements. That’s when anybody can give an announcement about what they need to give.

S: My name is Ketchup, I’ll be the stack greeter. Hero will let you know who’s on deck for stack. If you’re on deck for stack, please come up here where there’s a pack and I’ll check in with you about your announcement.

F: There is a difference between individual announcements and soap boxing. Announcements mean, events, meetings, trainings, teach-ins, that are happening. The time for soap boxing will happen after announcements. After the GA. So it will happen after the GA.



16.1.  Working Group Report Backs

16.2.  Announcements

16.3.  Agenda Items (Direct Action Discussion, Global Democracy Proposal)


16.1.  Working Group Report Backs

F: First on deck. Right now we have working group report backs. First working group, Medical. I’m sorry, Media is first. And each working group is designated two minutes. Media.

16.1.1.  We are intending to publish the second issue of The Occupy Wall Street Journal on Thursday after the union march and the student walkout. We want contributions, we also want copy editors, we also want illustrators, and graphic designers. So if you’re experienced in print production of any kind and want to submit some of your work and tell your stories about this occupation, meet over here at the library after the GA. Thank you.

S: Up next, Education Empowerment. And next on deck, Outreach, Finance, and Comfort.

16.1.2.  We have started the Education Empowerment committee. We are coordinating a 6pm daily open forum. The open forum is a daily presentation on Economy and Politics followed by an open discussion. We are inviting immigrant and minority groups especially. Check the website for updates. Next meeting is Tuesday, 8:30pm by the red thing. We are also trying to get free education in the park. We are getting teachers to hold free classes. Please check the website for updates. The meeting is Tuesday, 8:30pm.

S: Up next, Outreach. On deck, Finance, Comfort, and Legal. If you’re next on deck please make your way forward.

16.1.3.  Hi everybody. This is Rebecca. In the last few weeks various people who wanted to take on outreach convened autonomously. Tonight we all came together. We agreed upon outreach sub-groups. There are three of them, 1. Canvassing, 2. Publications 3. Organizational Outreach. If you want to be involved in any of these groups we now have an outreach table. See that sign? That’s where you go. IF you want to help in womening or manning that station please sign up there as well. Now I’d like to have one of our publications people present one of our main tasks.  Hi I’m Elaina. Based on feedback we’ve gotten from you and people we’ve been reaching out to we’ve decided to come up with a list of brief talking points which you may or may not choose to use when you’re doing your own outreach. These will not be a list of demands and we will be presenting a draft to you at tomorrow night’s GA. We hope to have it done by Wednesday. And that’s it.  If you are a leader of a working group please come to the outreach table so we can get your contact info. Not the leader, sorry.

S: Next up Finance. On deck Comfort, Legal, Facilitation.

F: We should only be doing two Mics, not three.

16.1.4.  Hi my name’s Pete. I’m from Finance. We had a very long meeting today about Finance. We are trying to put in place the proper protocols. We are going to meet over by the red thing at 10pm after the GA to discuss these protocols with the working groups.  It’s very important that representatives of all the working groups and thematic groups attend so they can receive the proper procedures for receiving money from finance. Thank you. 10pm after the GA.

S: Up next Comfort. On deck Legal, Facilitation, and Open Source​.

16.1.5.  Hi my name is Rachel. I’m here with comfort. I want to make an announcement about some things that we need. Important things we need are boots for males and females, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and folding chairs. Also, we have lots of bags of laundry from when it’s been raining. Since there is no Laundromat nearby, we are asking for volunteers who would like to take one bag of laundry to their home to get it clean and bring it back. Please, come see us at Comfort to do that. Thank you. Comfort, if you don’t know already, it’s right next to Medical on this side of the park.

S: Up next Legal. On deck Facilitation, Open Source (tree climbing incident)

Sometime shit happens but we’ve got to keep on rolling. This is about revolution.

F: If people in the front could please sit back down.

S: As a reminder, the people being called on deck, need to be the people lining up in this path to keep things moving.

16.1.6.  I am not with Legal. Legal is very busy with the National Lawyer’s Guild working on making sure all 650 or more people arrested are out of the system. All but a dozen have desk appearance tickets or summons. The others are being arraigned with lawyers tonight. If you were arrested please call NLG at 212-679-6018. There will be a meeting with free lawyers to discuss your case and legal strategy later this week. Thank you.

S: Next up Facilitation. On deck Open Source, Medical, and Safe Spaces.

16.1.7.  I’m with Facilitation. Our introduction meetings for Intro to Direct Democratic Process are at 5:30 daily at the end of the park by the stairs. A reminder to working group members that the working group coordination meetings are where I’m standing daily at 9am. So everyone knows how to get on the agenda, if you have a proposal for the entire group, work on that proposal with a working group and then bring that proposal either to someone on facilitation or to the box or clipboard at the info desk. Preferably 3 hours prior to General Assembly. We’re also looking for performance artists to do vibes. Thank you. Any performance artist in the vibes position please meet Andy now by the red sculpture.

S: Up next Open Source. On deck Medical, Safe Spaces, Arts and Culture.

16.1.8.  Hello everyone. My name is Evan. This is the first time that I’m speaking in front of the GA. I am from the Free Libre Open Source Group. Today we had a very productive meeting. We are developing a common digital platform for all the working groups, thematic groups, and everyone else. In order to keep us all on the same page so as not to duplicate efforts in the development of methods and templates for data collection, organization, and management. In order to keep the information flowing freely think of us as the neuro-network the webofindra (sp???)

S: We have a continuation from Outreach.  Hi again. Each of the different sub-groups I told you about before really want to be in better communication with some of the thematic committees. So for example organizational outreach really should be in good communication with the efforts to reach marginalized communities. Publications sub-group is going to need to coordinate with everybody but especially design. Finally, Also, organizational outreach really needs to be in good communication with the Labor Outreach Committee. Finally, Canvassing needs to be in good communication with the Training Outreach people. We have someone over here who is has agreed to be a liaison between these different groups. But, we want that process of liaising to be fully transparent and democratic. So please get involved over there in helping with the process of liaising if you are interested.

S: Next up Medical. On deck Safe Spaces, Arts and Culture.

16.1.9.  Hi everybody, my name is Steve and I’m a medic. Just want to give you a quick reminder that medical is here for you. If you have questions or concerns about anything medically related, especially hypothermia, or if you just want to talk, come see us at Medical. Do you want to go over quickly what the symptoms of hypothermia are. Will do something during the day tomorrow about hypothermia. Also, one more thing, on September 29th, 20 nurses and doctors from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia were arrested for five to fifteen years in prison for treating peaceful protestors just like your dear medics are. Tomorrow, the medics are going to write a letter of solidarity to send to our government and theirs. Please come down and show your support for the medical system. Thank you.

F: Remember that this is and also means applause. So if you want to clap, just do this so it’s not noisy. And also, please keep to time. Time for working groups is 2 minutes.

S: We are about to close stack. If anyone else wants to be on stack, say so now. Stack for working groups. Next up Safe Spaces. On deck Arts and Culture, and Accountability and Transparency.

16.1.10.  Hi, Sorry, I’m tired. I’m from Safer Spaces. I’d like to address just a few things. First of all a big safety issue to remember, don’t talk to cops. Secondly, the safer spaces committee now has an email for anyone who doesn’t know, safer spaces works to get the well deserved respect for women, for LGBTQ whatever, people of color. The email is Also, there is someone here that has been deemed as specially unsafe by many of us.

16.1.11.  Arts and Culture. Occupy everywhere. Tonight, quick announcement, Eva made a youtube video called “no one can predict the moment of revolution.” We think it’s awesome. Please talk to media. They want to use the footage. Second announcement, we believe that what’s going on in this square may be a new art movement. We have created working groups, expression art groups, where artists can experiment a new radical aesthetic. One of the groups is Music, for example, and Graphic Design. Emily here has an announcement from that group.

16.1.12.  I’m a graphic designer. I’m looking for more designers to come work with me to produce all the flyers and all of the other great things that we need to communicate our message. If you have skills using computer programs like photoshop, illustrator, and indesign or open source versions, come see me right now by the information booth. Arts_Culture@???.net

F: A lot of people can’t hear. Move forward to the front, that helps a lot. Also can I get two volunteer human mics. Two volunteers? Can you guys all be headed towards the back? Thank you.

S: Up next. Accountability and Transparency. On deck, the Progressive Black Movement.

16.1.13.  Hi, my name’s Casey, I’m part of Accountability and Transparency. If you have issues with the process or specific groups and don’t feel comfortable addressing the GA or those groups you can come to me or another member of the group and talk to us and we will mediate. Also, we need people to help make digests of the minutes of the GA and of the groups that’s submit minutes. We will be meeting by the tree with the circle of benches at 6pm everyday. Thank you.

S: Up next, Progressive Black Thinkers.

16.1.14.  Hi my name is Rena. I am the founder and organizer of Progressive Black Thinkers. We have a group on facebook that has18,000 members internationally. If you would like to join our group please post on the facebook wall. We want to help with outreach to the black community. The black community is most affected by the issues you want to address. The unemployment rate in the black community is over 30%. So when America gets a cold the black community gets the flu. So it is vitally important that we work in coalition and that you make it clear that the people of Harlem, Detroit, Chicago, and the South Bronx are welcome to join this movement. We can not move forward unless and until the issues that face the black community are front and center. Therefore we welcome you to join us on the Progressive Black Thinkers page. You can find us on facebook. Thank you.

F: We are done with –we are all the people’s mic. We can all contribute, so please contribute. I still see people not contributing to the people’s mic.

Hey everybody, we’d like to do something fun. This time one level of repetition when we start singing. You might recognize the song. We’re gonna sing together and then you’re gonna repeat. IS everybody ready?

We shall, we shall not be moved…

We shall not, we shall not be moved.

Just like a tree standing by the water

We shall not be moved


16.2.  Announcements

F: Ok, we’re back to—so now we’re gonna start announcements. We are keeping announcements very short today so we can go on with our agenda. You have one minute to speak and remember this is not a soap box. This is for factual and events and important information. Also, if you can, please keep it even less. IF you want to speak please get Hero’s attention. Also, remember that we should only be getting on stack now, not before, it gives a disadvantage.

16.2.1.  PATRICK: Bank of America announced Friday they’re charging 5 a month for debit cards. 99 percent members union members and union retirees. Take money of bank of America and put it in any other bank. A lot of people are talking about it. Somebody else is going to start it and make us look slow. King Bloomberg is appearing in criminal court tomorrow. Right across town. Go over and say hello. Thank you!

16.2.2.  TARA: I’m proposing a standing committee to address ballot box security. The objective will be to organize, to monitor, collect, and distribute information in regard to corporation. Our society negating the power of the people through the electorial process. Meet me in front of the open sign after the meeting. The ballot box collective.

16.2.3.  CHERI HONKALA: My name is Cheri Honkala. I bring you greetings from poor and homeless families across the United States, families occupying foreclosed homes and standing up to the banks. In Philadelphia I am the first woman to run for sheriff and to refuse to throw families out of their homes. I am running against the banks and I need you to help me occupy Philadelphia November 8 to make sure that we keep families in their homes to make history and stop home foreclosures. My website is: We can stand up to the banks soon as we occupy financial districts across the country. Let us also support families occupying their homes.

F: Mic check, how’s everyone feeling. Everyone should shake themselves. Also: we are closing stack. Stack is now closed.

16.2.4.  WASIM KHAN: Hello my name is Wasim Khan. I’m running for State Senate. I’m a candidate for State Senate in New Jersey. I’m one of the three candidates who’s supported by American progressive democrats. I’m fully two hundred percent in support of you, and I bring the greetings of our progressive colleagues across the United States to you. And I assure you that you’re making history! Two announcements. Very quickly, today’s Gandhi’s birthday, and he used Satyagraha (spelling?) which means “insistence on truth”. By way of fasting in support of your movement I announce that on 9th of October next Sunday I’ll hold a day-long fast in solidarity with you and all of my Facebook colleagues across the USA and I’m also forming a group of physicians here in NYC to take care of your medical needs. I’ve already given my information to your organizers to coordinate this effort. See me after over by the red thing or whatever that is, Liberty Tower. Thanks very much, much appreciated your patience.

16.2.5.  Hi I’m Ariel and I’m keeping time. We’re running overtime. Please keep it short, we all want to be heard. Thank you!

S: Next on stack, Jamie! And on deck, Clark Moriano and McCarthy.

16.2.6.  JAMIE: Hi I’m Jamie and I’d like to propose formation of the People’s Library Working Group for the organization, maintenance, and promotion of the People’s Library. If you’re interested in helping, you can see me right after I’m done or talk to Betsy tomorrow. Thank you!

S: Next on stack, Clark.

16.2.7.  CLARK: Hi I’m Clark. I will be moving the WikiLeaks truck at 7 AM. If you have something in it, pick it up before then. Thank you!

S: Next on stack, McCarthy.

16.2.8.  MCCARTHY: Hi guys I’m John. I’m speaking on behalf of the gallery show Loft in the Red Zone, which is down at Wall Street. I want to thank all of you who have been down there to show your support. I myself have a performance art piece relating the working class assembly line to the silk screening process. This is happening on Tuesday at 6 o’clock. For more information, come see me! I hand out t-shirts with the fist with the leaves on it. So I’m going to be doing that a lot. I’m here every day, look for me. Thank you!

S: Next on stack, Mariano.

16.2.9.  MARIANO: Hola! Buenas noches. This is Ale, that’s Charlie. They should have made this announcement. We are a group of Latino musicians in New York. We’ve been raising awareness and sharing the immigrant Latino experience. (mic check, mic check). Our lyrics are all about social justice. The people that come to listen to us are mostly Latino. Unfortunately some are also undocumented workers. We have about ten bands, one of them has been voted by El Diario La Prenza as the “most well known Latino alternative music in NY”. We are going to put on a music show next Sunday at 9 pm. We expect many of our fans to come out. Many of them are undocumented and they’re very afraid of coming out here. Sunday they will not be afraid.

F: Mic check 4x

F: There’s a lot of space down here now for all you guys and ladies, sorry people. So people, mic check, come on down (4x).

F: Mic check 3x

F: We only need one repetition. If everyone gets closer you all hear. There’s a lot of space now! Let’s get cozy. Next up, Travis!

16.2.10.  TRAVIS: My name is Travis Morales. I am a co-manager of Revolution Books, Libros Revolucion, a book store at the center of building a movement for revolution. I want to invite everyone to come to our book store Wednesday 7 pm to hear a report back about Occupy Wall Street. I talk to Pria Warcry on the Media working group. She and someone else will be coming to the store. But I want to invite everyone here to come share your story with the audience of Revolution Books. So Wednesday 7 pm, 146 W 26th street Revolution Books. Join us!

S: Up next is Andrew from Media. … Up next is Mike.

16.2.11.  MIKE: Hey. I’m a part of Occupy Boston. We occupied on Friday and I showed up here on Thursday. I haven’t seen Occupy Boston so when I go home, I want to bring everything home that I can. If you are performing a task here go to organization, give them your information of who you are and what you’re doing and also give it to me. I will take it to Boston, I will find your peer in Boston and y’all can talk. So what’s going to happen: whoever has the better idea is going to give it to the other and we all win. Thank you!

F: Mic check I forgot to put myself on stack, I have an announcement. (Sorry stack is closed, you can’t do it. Go ahead)

16.2.12.  I just want to say this is one of my last GAs and I love you all. I’m going to Washington DC tomorrow, I’m coming back and I’m going to stay at Occupy DC for two days. I’ll try to do the same as our friend from Boston said and lead the people. (and so will I)


16.3.  Agenda Items

F: Alright, next up, agenda! One more announcement:

16.2.13.  GARRETT: My name is Garrett I’ve been empowered to speak on behalf of some people who took the bridge yesterday. They wanted you to know that they are very proud of what they did. They were not tricked, the only reason they’re not here speaking to you is because they have charges pending and they don’t want to talk on camera. But they feel that they’re actions were exemplary of the diversity of tactics that are part of the principles of unity of this occupation. As I’m sure you know,

F: (Mic check if you don’t have a camera and you’re not part of media please stay with us it’s okay, thank you)  GARRETT: The principles say the diversity of tactics should be judged by how they affect the movement as a whole. The actions yesterday were called by the Occupy Wall Street facebook page the largest and most dramatic actions of this occupation! They have won the movement amazing press and won terrible press for the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg​ and others who attack us. So I believe these comrades deserve our complete solidarity in the streets and in the courts. Long live solidarity and long live autonomy.

F: Alright, let me just say that that was not exactly an announcement but a message from those who took the bridge. Mic check, now we’re going to move on to our agenda.

F: Also, can we please not have side conversations unless they’re actually on the side. So the first on our agenda and let’s focus, it’s okay.

16.3.1.  Direct Action Bridge Discussion

F: First on the agenda is direct action speaking about the events that happened yesterday.

Mic check, so up there a woman was riding a bike on the sidewalk and has been detained by 4 police officers. It’s under control, ish, don’t worry about it. So let’s have a GA.

Mic check I believe someone else is arrested too. Mic check remember our focus should be on continuing the movement. There are people taking care of that. We are here to continue this movement. We’ll watch it later.

Direct Action: With regard to honoring personal autonomy, diversity of tactics, you do what you want. But also note, provocateurs and distraction tactics are intentional sometimes and some people need to keep this going.

F: Mic check

DA: Okay so let’s talk about yesterday. We’re interested in having a discussion and feedback on the march. Yesterday’s march was designed to be a turning point. A display of how far our global movement has come. And boy did it work!

DA: We’re on the front cover of just about every single newspaper, which is fucking awesome. Yesterday’s march while not quite how we expected was a huge success. I think, I don’t know where Ari is, he was supposed to talk about the meeting of this discussion. But I think maybe he got taken. As the last announcement said, diversity of tactics is absolutely one of our guidelines and one of our principles. However, as direct action we’ve realized that perhaps we should be more clear before marches with folks that any time you step off the curb and get off the sidewalk during an unpermitted march you’re subject to a much higher risk of arrest. So we’ll be much more clear about that in the future, although we’re hearing from the precint that the vast majority of folks who took the highway understood exactly the implications of what they’re doing. We’d like to take this moment to talk about what we had originally intended to do yesterday, which was to get over the Brooklyn Bridge​ and have a huge rally to talk about the future of the NY sector of what has now become a huge movement. We need to expand into the boroughs into the Bronx into Queens into Staten Island into Brooklyn, and we’re going to do it.

Since the focus of our march to get across the bridge and host that GA the intention of direct action according to the planned route was to take the pedestrian bridge. Just so every body’s clear that was the planned route. I got arrested, it was okay, not super scary, kind of annoying and boring, but not super scary. If anybody asked, I had no idea I’d get arrested, I was just following the crowd. We want to open up stack for a couple of folks to give feedback of their experiences regarding yesterday’s action. Before that I just want to note the beauty of yesterday’s events. The planned route over the walking bridge still happened. Folks were able to make that choice. Thanks to those who led that march onto the traffic area folks were able to make that choice too. As a collective march on two separate routes we marched together in solidarity respecting and upholding personal autonomy. That’s fucking great.

Also we held that bridge for 5 hours. If they had let us march, if it had been about traffic issues, it would’ve been less than 2 hours and the bridge would’ve opened. But it was about a power demonstration and not letting us get what we want and we got that bridge for 5 hours. And we got the front page of a ton of fucking press.

We have 10 more minutes to talk about this, I’d like to invite folks who want to share to get on stack, we’ll take the next 10 minutes and discuss it.

F: Mic check 2x

F: As the facilitator I would like to mention one thing. This was not initially on the agenda. We were told that direct action would like to take only 10 minutes to explain what happened yesterday from their point of view. And I want to say as far as the democratic process is concerned a very small amount of people chose that route. But we all seem to be happy with that result. So are we looking for democratic horizontal processes or what? Now, let’s take some stack for 10 minutes.

CHRISTOPHER: Hello everybody, my name is Christopher. I was at the front as we entered the traffic lane yesterday and I have to say it was an incredible feeling to be joined with so many people having an idea of what we may be getting into and after the arrests at least in Central Booking the amazing jailhouse solidarity that we shared and the incredible feeling after getting out of booking with only a violation, for getting a hug and a sandwich from those who opted not to take the traffic lane. We had amazing solidarity yesterday and it was incredibly effective. That was my experience and that’s what I have to say.

S: Next on stack, Suzann.

SUZANN: Hi so yesterday was fucking amazing. It was amazing because their support for autonomy for ownership and there was solidarity from every person who participated whether they were at the GA later that night and talking about or at the jail giving us granola bars as we got out or whether they took the pedestrian path and went to fucking Brooklyn! So thank you I took the street I felt ownership and I’m happy that my decision to take ownership over my actions has finally found a place in society and community.

GENAI: My name’s Genai. I took the pedestrian bridge and I just wanted to give that perspective. It was great. There were so many cars honking, people giving us peace signs, whistling, shouting in support of our movement. And when we got to the other side for those of you who weren’t there the police blocked us off and wouldn’t let us go to the park and we all shouted “let us through let us through” and they let us through. It was awesome!

My name’s Joshua. I was arrested yesterday I took the street and I’d do it again.

S: We are now closing stack.

I’m Natasha and I got arrested yesterday and I just wanted to say how many police officers were really really nice and expressed to me that they’re just another spoke on the wagon wheel and really feel like they don’t have a say in anything they do. I suggested to them that they should have General Assemblies.

My name is Nolini. I’m from Brooklyn and I wanted to do that shit since I was 2 years old. I got word that TWU is going to release a statement saying that the fact that their buses commandeered by the police was fucked up and that the transportation workers don’t work for the police! So they’re showing their solidarity and took the bridge.

I don’t know the gentleman’s name but he was up on the walkway relaying messages to all of us. It kept us all calm. Truth be told the words we once used to describe what we’re now doing don’t even make sense. There’s so much love and unity here. Usually when you walk down the street you don’t even make eye contact. That’s all we do here, and giving hugs, and hugging random trees and having good time. Let’s not forget, the actions of some are not always the actions are best for you, meaning us. Meaning if someone wants to walk on the bridge, like your mom said when you were young, if everybody jumps off the bridge are you going to too? I was arrested and I knew when I left the house that if I did something like that I was going to get arrested. All the friends I made in the paddy wagon I’ll never forget you guys.

KAYE: I’m from Queens and I want you to know what’s going on that you’re not aware of. People are calling each other’s homes and saying take something to the people that are demonstrating at Wall st. They give each other lists of what you guys need and in no time you will see them. They are working behind the scenes to support you.

S: One more.

JORDAN: My name is Jordan and I’m here from Virginia. I was on the foot bridge and we weren’t quite sure how the people on the road got there so quickly. We were confused about whether or not they left before and I was wondering if someone could explain it to me.

A quick in part in response to that those people broke off from the same march so they left at the same time as the rest of the march.

My name is Hero, I was at the march yesterday, I got arrested for the second time, and we spent a lot of time with some semi good officers. So on our way to the precint, and driven around for a couple hours, I talked to one of these semi good officers and brought him over to our dark side, and I’ve asked him when his next day would be off, and he said it would be on Friday. So I said, will you be out here? He told me, yes!

DA: That’s the end of that, we just wanted to give an opportunity to folks that were in jail yesterday while this was discussed to discuss it in front of everybody.

16.3.2.  Global Democracy Discussion

F: Mic check next up on the agenda we have Global Democracy.

GD: Mic check, mic check, my name is Ameen and this is Caesar we have a global democracy statement. This includes a call to action on October 16, a global call to action that has been adopted by some general assembly and has been endorsed by Noam Chomsky Ben Danishiva Michael Hart and others. We have it in multiple languages. It was provided to Wall St occupation to be endorsed by the general assembly. This was read a few days earlier and people felt good about it. We’re reading it again for this body to endorse it. It has been endorsed by many GAs around the world. It has been endorsed as is, so it’s being presented as is.

It reads:

“On 15th October, 2011, united in our diversity united for global change we demand global democracy, global governance by the people for the people inspired by our sisters and brothers in Tunis Cairo Benghazi Dara Palestine Israel Spain and Greece. We too call for a regime change. A global regime change. We will not come to global institutions hat in hand begging for policy change. In the words of Ben Yeshiva, the Indian activist, today we demand replacing the G8 with the whole of humanity. The G 7 billion. These are our global Mubarak, our global Assad our global Gaddahfi they are the IMF the WTO global markets multi-national banks the G8 the ECB the UN security council the world bank the basil committee on bank regulation and other undemocratic international institutions. Like Mubarak and Assad these institutions must not be allowed to run people’s lives without their consent. We are all born equal rich or poor woman or man every African and Asian is equal to every European and American. Our global institutions must reflect this or be overturned.”

So this is the statement. It’s before this body. It’s provided to you as it has been received and it has been endorsed as is.

F: So, are there any clarifying questions?  Does the proposal say anything about stopping nuclear power?

Response: The proposal that I read includes what I read. That’s it.  Can we add a phrase demanding the end to nuclear power and the beginning of a planet powered by solar energy?

Response: The answer to that is no, because this is how I propose this statement. It is what it is. What is before you is an opportunity to be part of something happening on the world stage. Our occupation was not born from a vacuum.

F: Any other clarifying questions?

S: I’m taking stack, I’m looking at you, don’t shout, I’ll get you.  Can you repeat or clarify who exactly wrote that statement originally?

Response: The answer is that this was forwarded to me by a person, his name’s Rene he’s part of a collective of 16 beaver This statement was forwarded to me by an artist who’s a member of a collective 16 beaver that was forwarded by another organization that has a URL that I cannot recall I have the original email with me but I lost it. So all I have right now is a print out that doesn’t include that information.  Can you tell us what other groups that have endorsed this?

Response: The question was a request for clarification of what other general assemblies around the world have endorsed this statement.

The general assembly in Spain we are told has endorsed this statement in addition, we are told the general assembly in Tahrir Sq has endorsed this statement. What is occurring right now is a circulation of this statement. I do not know or have not been told if any other general assemblies have adopted or endorsed this statement.

S: Anyone else want to be put on stack regarding this proposal?

Anna: so all you’re saying is we don’t know who wrote this statement?

No, what I said was I don’t have that information because of some circumstances.  Nate: Hi. I’m Nate. I have a concern about the language in the statement. There was a passage about global governance. My concern involves our evangelical brothers and sisters. One reason they do not like “big government” is because they fear that it will bring a one ruled anti Christ government. But this is not what we want. We want autonomy for the various communities within this world even though we are united as human beings because what we do over here is connected to everyone else. So I would like to know how we can address this concern without alienating our evangelical brothers and sisters who might misconstrue what we are working for.

F: One more thing, I would please like to remind to keep the comments to clarifying questions as we cannot make amendments to this proposal. Thank you.  Could we have a circle tomorrow to discuss the implications of all and any words and names in this statement for those of us who are not so politically savvy.

Response: That’s a great proposal. It means we’re having political discourse. That’s why we’re here. It isn’t to endorse. I love that idea. So in the spirit of what was just said, let us have a teach in or a conversation about this statement. I think it brings up a lot of issues about why we’re here I hope.. I withdraw my proposal.  When can we do this teach in? How about 3 pm tomorrow? Temperature check. That’s great, thank you.

F: Ladies and gentlemen and others, we have an announcement about what happened during the GA.

Hello, I was not an eye-witness but I have several reports and I’ve watched the video of which there are multiple. There was an arrest made this evening during GA. There were a reporter and a young girl on a bike I should say lady.

F: Could people move closer? Our announcer has lost her voice. Let’s all work together so we can know what happened.

There was discourse between the two. The press person was asked by the police to move to a separate location. Meanwhile the young lady was asked for her ID. She reached into her purse, pulled out her bike lock, and locked herself to her bicycle. The press gentleman was released. The cops surrounded the young lady, she hid her keys in her private upper region and the police tried to get them. The bicycle fell down and it was a mess, we hope that she was not injured but there was violence from the police, aggressive pushing etc. They cut off the lock and they took her to jail. That’s the details, the video will be on Youtube. Hopefully within the hour. Please show solidarity. And be careful.

Question: was she with us or was just passing by?

I am not completely sure. She was on the sidewalk in front of the square.

How do you lock yourself to your bike? Around your leg to the frame.

Mic check, thank you for that announcement. We’re now going into the soapbox section of our general assembly.

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