Direct Action WG Minutes 10/24/2011

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Direct Action Working Group Minutes, 10-24-11

Facilitator: Sandy

Note taker: Madeline (note: I’m sorry, I didn’t catch all names of people involved. A “?” indicates I didn’t get the proposer’s name.)

Introductions: about 40 people attended, of whom about 15 were at the meeting for the first time.

Report-back on this morning’s working group coordination meeting

Zack agreed to do the GA and working group report backs, and will come to tomorrow’s meeting.

Proposed actions discussed in breakout groups. (Minute-taker’s note: I’ve grouped any report-backs with the action announcement, in hopes of making it easier to read)

Carl: monitor city council meetings on use of parks, on finance, etc.

Kira: Nov 17 general strike. Reportback: more thought and discussion needed.

Jerry: action at Nov 30 conference in NYC between military contractors, banks, etc. Reportback: plans and interest growing; see me.

Robert: Occupiers Guide on Civil Disobedience—help put together

Helena: Oct 26, 10 year anniversary of Patriot Act, vigil

Ethan/Dave: hydrofracking & tar sands, Nov 21 action, OWS Environmental Solidarity and United for Action. Reportback: Trenton NJ; there will be free busses.

Ken, Sierra Club: Oct 30, 2-4pm, demonstration in solidarity with OWS, about corporate greed and rape of the earth.

Josh: Oct 26, Healthcare working group march to private insurance companies. Reportback: we still could use more pacers, runners, ushers.

Anthony: Nov 13, silent walk to WBAI

Max: Oct 26, silent walking meditation. Reportback: meet at red structure at 1pm on Wed.

?: bell of hope. (reportback tomorrow)

Max II: drummer de-escalation; request that direct action help with strategy after DA meeting today.

Sam: DA trainings, proposed strategic action planning at Wednesday’s DA meeting. Reportback: we will have DA meeting at 52 Broadway on Wed Oct 26, with trainers available during breakouts and after full meeting for troubleshooting on event planning.

Alex: Occupy the Boardroom message delivery on Fri Oct 28; March Against Banks planning. Reportback: pacer training tonight (Oct 24) under red structure. Meeting at Bryant Park at 2pm; 2 marches, 2 to Citi and Wells Fargo, the other to Morgan and B of A, convene at Chase at 4pm.

?: Nov 1 march to Cuomo’s office in NYC, solidarity with Occupy Albany. Meet at Liberty Park at 11am, Bryant Park at noon, then to Cuomo’s office.

Ari: Oct 29, South Jamaica, Queens, action about foreclosures—Occupy the Hood. Main organizer is New York Communities for Change, 718-600-5857. Reportback: Plan is to meet at 10am at Liberty Park; take J train (subway party!) to arrive at Liberty Ave & Guy R Brewer Blvd (York College) at noon. Proposal: that this be the official march action for Saturday– CONSENSUS. Asked for $ for occupiers to take subway—CONSENSUS.

?: winter viability

Erin: march for police pensions (reportback tomorrow)


Please respect Trinity Church’s space; keep clean, don’t sit on headstones.

Rae: heading out to other occupied zones. (Bye, we’ll miss you!!)

Emilio: Nov 5, National Bank Transfer Day, dismantle the infrastructure

?: Nov 3 Goldman Sachs hearing/trial on accountability. Meeting tonight, 6pm at red cube, going to 60 Wall; open meeting

Mario: Oct 25 labor working group meeting, Seward Park library, 192 E Broadway.

Schedule for NVDA trainings will alternate between intro and more advanced. All will meet at 2pm at the cube and move to Battery Park. Estimated time 2 hours. For this week, there will be:

– Oct 24, basic

– Oct 25, advanced

– Oct 27, basic

– Oct 28, advanced

– Oct 30, noon: 4 hour combined basic and advanced

Please spread the word!

Egyptian revolutionary sharing info 4-7pm today at red structure

Oct 30: several hour training on dealing with barricades. Will be on the website in a day or 2.

Jason: 5K run has new name: OWS on the run/Oscar Mike USA.

“Buttonwood Gathering” at museum of American Indian, Oct 26-27. Do we want to do an action?


Occupy the ‘hood: see info above.

Budget: ?: Need $ for printing stickers. Will come back with full proposal.

?: need $ for whiteboard to help identify breakouts for DA meetings. Some discussion and concerns. Revised: each group will come with paper or pizza box to make sign so they are easily identified without interrupting the discussion to ask. CONSENSUS.

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