Working Group Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/25/2011

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OWS Working Group Coordination Meeting #37 Tuesday 10/25/11

Agenda Items:

* Sanitation
* Community Watch
* Policy for press attending meetings
* Personal donations/transparent financing
* Food distribution


Olivia report back from Outreach: Nov 11-13: Occupy Your Time

o Building support from community groups
o A time for supporting groups to present teach ins and community projects. Expand dialogue at Liberty Sq. to all over NY.
o Need to talk to working groups with Outreach subcommittees: If you have contacts with other GAs, talk to them.

Laura reports from Food

o Talk today at 2pm about how to curtail eating times and how to distribute food to working groups
o Ongoing conversation.
o Talk to them in the kitchen
o Will report back to 7pm Peacekeeping meeting
o Ben reports back from Community Relations
o Meet at 6, talk about agreement with drumming
o George reports back from Movement building/InterOccupations working group
o Last night: conference call with lots of other Occupations around the country
o 6pm meeting at 60 Wall St.
o Hoping to get another occupation to facilitate a conference call.
o Rick: alternative currency working group
o Money IQ tests, speakers at 60 Wall St: successful day
o Other events to come
o Evan from Open Source
o Developing website for sharing skills
o Max from Direct Action
o Labor Outreach Group in Brooklyn at 5pm today
o Friday 2-4pm drop off letters to banks.
o 10/29: march in Queens about foreclosures
o Andy from Facilitation
o 3 Bronx GAs
o Last Saturday: marched on Chase Bank
o Announcement: don’t lose sight of what we created by going to too many meetings and events! INREACH! Do a community watch.
o Community Watch meets 10pm every night at drumming place
o Jonathan: FUN working group!
o Meet 3pm Wed. by artsy red sculpture
o Josh: visitor from another group to learn
o “Boomer’s guilt”: lots of love and support coming to you all!
o Joe (?) from Alternative Economies
o Worker’s Coop Committee, other committees
o Trying to start printers’ coop
o Sully from Facilitation
o New Spaces and Scheduling Working Group: keeping track of off-site spaces, help with scheduling time

Internet group

o Conference call to work on project management

Beth from Press

o AM radio station broadcasting tomorrow. Need guests!

Amanda is Occu-Hopping! from Oakland

Terra getting more involved

Yasmine: first meeting of Entrepreneurs at 5pm

Deborah: working against workplace bullying

Randall from Outreach

o Proposal for march to DC for MLK day. Working with DC folks

Kim starting group called Homelessness and Allies

o March for homeless people in the future

Farrish: continuing support

Debra joining Community Watch and Fun!

o CONCERN: people on the news concerned with fire hazards at Liberty Sq
o Update: biodiesel coming soon.
o Debra: asked firefighters to come down, but they said they can’t


Sanitation: Murdoch

* Sunday: element of fear in the park. Frustrated. Press already reporting on this. Need to be able to call ourselves out if we’re calling the world out
* Signs with sanitation and food saying, “We will clean up your occupation, not your party.”
* About violence: need signs that say “This person is violent” to use when someone is threatening.

Evan: “culling out” is not useful language. Shouldn’t do “us vs them.”

Max: community not enough informed about this. Have mediation or small group

Answer: it’s been done

Community Watch report back

* One violent incident in which someone was pushed out of camp
* Drinking
* Someone selling drugs. All of community watch went over, the guy left

George: call to action to social workers in the city.

Debra: crack and heroin in the park. Remove the tents? Also, it’s ok to talk to the media about this because we need to be open about it

Farrish: can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. Going to have to make a decision

Community Watch

* Meet at 10pm at drumming area

Policy about press and the media at meetings

* Rick: Need to embrace transparency and set a presidency.
* Josh: something to identify people as not wanting to be on camera
* Beth: meetings were always open to the press. A few days ago, coordinators meeting decision that press would identify themselves and people at meeting have to decide that whether they can stay.
o It’s a public space: they can leave or stay
* Andy: hope we can have GA decide this. THIS is the most inspiring part of this revolution.
* Joshua: Trinity Church asks that we get permission before filming onsite
o Ask for Nathan Brodsky: he’ll give you permission pretty easily
* Terra: important to have transparency, but need to create space where people feel safe to share
o Response: that’s easy to set up.
* Joshua: be aware of security culture. Anyone could be an informant.
* Working group to bring this proposal to the GA? Press will do it
* Important to have independent free press in the camp.

Donations within working groups

* Evan: skill share, project proposal page important for transparency
o Individual projects comprised of people from multiple working groups can get funded directly
* What are we doing with Community Watch and Security to deal with people panhandling for drugs on site?
* Joshua: propose that we have break-away group that focuses on this
* Evan: it’s not parallel funding that’s sneaky. It can be transparent and not centralized
* Kim: great point, but GA not passing funding all the time, and those folks still need the money.
* Kaspar: from De-escalation. About people with buckets getting money for themselves. Need to make signs and point those people out.
* Worked with finance? Evan: yes

Random announcements

* Sean: security is really important. On the ground presence in the park important
* Charlie: consciousness group. Putting together team to go to all Occupations. Meeting at 11 at 60 Wall. occupywithin.

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