NYCGA Minutes 9/28/2011 2pm

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Date / Time: 9/28/2011, 2pm

Location: Liberty Plaza




12.1.  Report Backs

12.2.  Announcements

F: Process review



12.1.1.  Food—They are OK on food donations for the day, everyone will be well fed. They are looking for cars and kitchens for preparing food and bringing it back. As far as donations go, prefer re-useable cutlery, plates, and cups, but people be responsible for cleaning them themselves. Meetings at 4PM in the kitchen.

12.1.2.  Information—Can all the working groups please schedule regular meeting times so they can keep people informed, and bring that time to info booth, so they can let people interested know.

12.1.3.  Comfort team—they need for people. Adam will be leaving today. They are located at the back by a big sign that says comfort. They have a tape badge with a open-bottomed triangle.

Community building—As a community we had agreed to keep the central passageway free of sleeping people. 11AM-8AM are quiet hours. Quiet conversations are to take place where the general assembly is.

12.1.4.  Media relations—Will be having a meeting at 3PM about how to talk to the press and not be led by them. They will also be having training session after the 3PM meeting. Please come if you wish to join.

12.1.5.  Open Source​ Solutions—Ted and Devon explained about this work group at last assembly. They want everyone to know about Open Source. Their meeting yesterday got overrun by demand deliberation. If you want to help with deciding how we’re going to figure out our demands, come meet him at the library after this. They will also talk about Open Source solutions.

12.1.6.  Community relations—Met with community board one, and found lots of support from local residents, who voted down a resolution against us. But a minority of residents on the board who are still concerned want to meet with us and negotiate around some issues like noise at night and open use of public space. Justin will be at that meeting, and if you’re interested in joining, it will be at a local bar tomorrow night. Come to the community relations board meeting after this. We’ve heard reports of local businesses being harassed by NYPD, Homeland security, and others for partnering with us. So we’re hitting them back with positivity!

12.1.7.  Facilitation—Welcome newcomers! If you want to know how this process works, learn how to use it to empower yourself and act effectively as a part of this community, meet at 5:30 for Intro to Direct Democracy Process Meeting. At the bottom of the back steps. Then you can be a good facilitator, stack keeper, timekeeper, etc! It is an integral part of being in this community!

12.1.8.  Finance—Victoria. Wants to clarify a few things about finance. Still in the process of opening an account with the credit union. They are close, but please still be patient because it is a process. If you are in a working group and need funds, please speak to Victoria or Casey. If you need funds under $100 they can dispense that to you. If it’s over $100 bring a proposal to the GA for consensus. If people have questions, visit the food table. Questions on online donations can be answered at It links to our fiscal sponsor.

12.1.9.  Sanitation—Thanks to everyone not in the sanitation group for picking up and sweeping! Some people who work on Wall Street and were eating their lunch here thanked us for cleaning up a mess we didn’t even make. The floor of this park is cleaner than they have seen it since before they got here! Everyone please pitch in! Thank you everyone, stay dry!

12.1.10.  Independently formed sanitation group—Looking for volunteers for a couple specific tasks just for today and tonight. If you’re interested, talk to Max after the meeting by the end of this bench.



F: An announcement is not a question or statement. It is about how to find you or something this audience should all know about.

12.2.1.  She would like us to all join in song and sing “Heal the World” after general assembly.

12.2.2.  Andy has two jobs that he has no time to do anymore. He needs help from us.  He needs happy people, diverse people, fun people, to stand at our welcome stations 1 & 2. And possibly Info Hub. It’s complicated, you’ll learn more about it if you volunteer. Welcome stations are very important, so we can take people off the streets, and get them to join this movement. Interest starts there, turns into actions here. If you are interested, they will meet below the orange sculpture after this meeting. Jez will be meeting you.  Also, he cleans up a lot in the morning. If cardboard is wet, it is trash. Sometimes there is a pretty sign, but it is still trash because it is dangerous, creates mildew and mold. Also, unused tarps need to be folded up and put at the comfort station down the hill.

F: Group is so large that the people in the back cannot here. If more people in the back circle face the other way to repeat what they here, so our circle doesn’t get cut off at the sides, that would be great. That is called a “designated human mic.” Let’s get more.

12.2.3.  Tracy is a reporter. She’s been wandering around asking people to fill out a survey. It’s for New York Magazine. They are trying to better understand who you are, why you came, what issues are important to you. There are a few left, if you fill them out that would be great. There is a photographer, as well. Give your name or not. Thanks for talking to us.

12.2.4.  Media working group emergency announcement—They need anyone who was pepper-sprayed or witnessed the pepper-spray that wasn’t the one on the video to come talk to Patrick as soon as possible.

12.2.5.  Erica—An actor. If anyone is a member of SAG, Directors Writers Guild, Actors Equity, etc. Come to her after the meeting so they can reach out to those unions so they can reach out to their members and tell them to participate in this.

12.2.6.  One of the amazing things about this event is that we can autonomously bring their own issues into this space. She is interested in Wealth Concentration Reform. If you’re interested in signing the petition she made with other awesome people here, please come see her in the corner. She sells things, so if you accidentally tear something, or if you want a new shirt, and you want her to redesign it and make it fabulous, she is in the corner with a needle and thread. She has not heard any gospel since she’s been here. If anyone wants to create an equal opportunity gospel choir she is in the corner.

12.2.7.  Community outreach—They will be holding a meeting on community outreach right where he sits after the GA.

F: Announcements are closing stack.

12.2.8.  Wants to acknowledge our bravery and compassion in action, and our openness and peacefulness. It is very important that we remain calm and that we operate from our hearts! We are already liberated! There is no need to struggle or fight. Now we can creatively, with joyful effort, explore the possibilities of how we can work together. He is here to help in any way that he can to support all of us to make this movement as effective as possible. At 3:30 a big group invite everyone to join them in group meditation. They will be by the library and will find a good spot. Meditation helps us to be able to focus our energies with clarity, which we need right now.

Charlie Goth—arrived last night from Cuernavaca, Mexico. It is where Emilio Zapata​ was leader of the Southern front of the Mexican revolution. A popular chant in central Mexico is for the person who starts the chant to say, “Zapata vive” which means “Zapata lives” and the crowd answers, “La lucha sigue” which means “the struggle continues.” He will teach the chant after the assembly. He has a gift to present.

12.2.9.  Brian—One of his most prized possessions went missing! It’s a Ukulele! It has a Code Pink sticker on the back and a duct tape strap. If anyone’s seen it, please bring it to him!

F: Point of information–It’s in the media tent!

12.2.10.  Julie—Wanted to suggest a book circle pertaining to this process. The first book that was suggested is called Rules for Radicals. The meeting will be around 4:30, so bring whatever books you’d like to suggest for this.


12.2.11.  Anthony—A lot of people are not feeling accepted and empowered. Please check your privilege. Check your internalized oppressive behaviors. Do your research, better yourself, better each other. We must check ourselves. Also—consent! If you want to touch somebody in any way or take a picture of somebody or walk around with your video camera, ASK! This is serious stuff, we must be respectful. Not asking is not respectful.

12.2.12.  My son woke me up from twenty years of sleep! He was arrested in this part on Tuesday Sept 20. He respects each of us from the bottom of his heart. When he was here on Sunday, it was discussed whether to have demands or goals. He finds this to be very important, because as someone said: demands are met by others, whereas goals are achieved by us. If anyone cares to discuss this, he will be by the smoothie cart after this meeting. Again, Open Source will also be discussing this by the library. Maybe a team-up? Yes! Let’s all meet at the library after the meeting.

12.2.13.  Drew—The Brooklyn Credit Union is considering setting up a table with their help, here. He needs to speak with legal to see if that is OK and find out if it is. How do people feel about having the Brooklyn Credit Union come here and help liberate Brooklyn-ites from big banks? He’ll put this on the agenda for tonight. It is only for people from Brooklyn.

12.2.14.  Rob—In the McDonalds men’s room there is an electrical outlet under the sink.

12.2.15.  In 2003 during the Republican National Convention the police captured a line of Quakers following the police’s directions in orange netting. Some of our people this weekend were caught in orange netting set out by the police. So he brought this here today so that we can make a statement around it if you choose to, if you want to express emotions about capturing, being caught in it, being trapped in it, what it feels like to capture someone else, and want to share this with the group. It’s important that we use satire and their tools against them, so that we speak clearly and speak the truth. We can make this an arts and culture event right after the GA and livestream it! You are welcome to join!

12.2.16.  Weather—there is a chance for rain today. How many are planning to sleep here tonight? We have procedures for how to deal with the rain. Talk to comfort or sanitation or anyone who has slept here before during the rain. Tomorrow will also be rainy, and Friday the temperature will drop. We will have to pick some useful strategies to deal with this weather that we know is coming. Please brainstorm before it gets discussed at tonight’s GA! Working groups should make lists of things they need for this weather, so we can broadcast it on all of our media. This way we can be better prepared for the rain and the cold.

12.2.17.  Shipping address—if you have friends or family somewhere else that would like to send us things, please go to info to get that address. We got 50+ packages, and just got 50 more! This is a great way of donating, and we’d like to see it continue.

12.2.18.  Meeting times and places:

– 3PM media relations on how to talk to the press meet Hero

– 4PM food committee in the kitchen

– 5:30PM introduction to direct democratic process with the facilitation working group, at the bottom stairs

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