NYCGA Minutes 9/28/11, 7:30pm

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(Note: There were two GAs on day 12, on at 2pm and this one, at 7:30pm. There are two separate sets of notes, one for each GA held.)


Meeting Date/Time: 09/28/2011, 7:30pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza



F: Introduction. For everyone who has never been to a general assembly, they will go through a brief process explanation.

F: There is an agenda that is brief and timed. They will take proposals for those agenda items, then we will take friendly amendments, then clarifying questions about those proposals, then they will take concerns, then they will move to blocks. Blocks are very serious. It means that you have an ethical or principal problem with what is being proposed, or you think it’s bad for the group.

F: There are hand signals for liking things, being in the middle, not liking it. You raise your hand to get on stack. There is a symbol for concerns or questions about the process. This is a point of process. One last point about process: we use progressive stack, which means that the stack-keeper does not necessarily call on people in the order in which they raise their hands. They take into account marginalized voices and individuals who have not yet spoken. So if stack is ten men in a row, a non-male bodied person will jump stack, so the discussion is not dominated by men, which is often the case here. Also, if you have a point of information, raise your pointer finger. Do not abuse this! It is only for relevant information about something someone is saying, such as a time clarification or an update. We are not doing direct response, we are doing point of information.

Point of Information (POI): Amy. Right here after the GA they are going to have a meeting about these issues. It is an anti-patriarchy meeting and an education group.

F: Points of information are not for announcements! There is a time for announcements!

F: If you cannot hear, point upwards. At last night’s meeting, they came up with a new hand signal for when a loud noise is coming up on the street, so the person speaking knows to pause until the noise has gone away.

F: Blocks—if you make a block, and consensus is reached after that, the person making the block should be prepared to leave the movement. It is very serious. After a block, there is a vote, in which we try to reach 9/10 agreement.


12.1.  Working Group Report-backs
12.2.  Announcements
12.3.  Bail Proposal
12.4.  Internet Discussion

12.5.  Announcements

12.1.  Working Group Report Backs

12.1.1.  Legal—Marina. Legal team members please stand so people can know who you are! We keep hearing amazing stories of solidarity from people who were arrested the other day, including assemblies in jail. One thing that’s important: if you’re arrested, call the legal number: 212-679-6018. If you see someone being arrested, as happened this morning, try hard to get their name. This is important so our lawyers can find them before they even get a call. It’s the National Lawyers Guild. They also wear green hats, are around us to monitor police and take notes on police behavior only. Those people who are arrested, we have three meetings. You can pick one or more if you want. The first one is tomorrow at 5PM. The next one is Friday at 11AM. The third is Sunday at 2PM. All of these are at the National Lawyers Guild Office. The address is 133 Nassau St Ste. 922. It will be posted on the website. You can also call the legal number. Legal recommends that defendants meet first a half an hour early to discuss together and then talk to the lawyers. There will be a team of lawyers from the guild at these meetings. Marina will also be at these meetings, and later over there if you have questions about your case.

12.1.2.  Speak Easy Caucus—Caucus for a broad spectrum of individuals from female-bodied people who identify as women to male-bodied people who do not identify 100% as men.

12.1.3.  Info—Would like to ask all of the working groups, once they have reached a consensus on an event or an action or whatever they are doing, to please bring information to Info on a 3×5 card so they can update calendars and pass out information to people who come to Info. They also want the minutes of meetings and assemblies.

12.1.4.  Call to Action Working Group—They have been working on a declaration. Hard copies will be available to anyone who wants them. There will be an email address you can contact with questions or concerns or friendly amendments, so as not to take up time at the GA, so they can propose it. They read the statement. It ends with: “To the people of the world, we the NYCGA occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square urge you to assert your power, exercise your right to peaceably assemble, occupy public space, create a process to address the problems we face and generate solutions accessible to everyone. To all communities that take action, form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.” If you want a copy sent to your email, Eric will give it to you. The email address is They will be sending a copy of this declaration and also if you have any questions or concerns, please email the group or approach them. Solidarity!

12.1.5.  Time-sensitive announcement—Last night the GA invited Michael Moore​ to come here and film live the Lawrence O’Donnell show. The GA will continue, because this is the heart of what we do. But it is filming for the next half hour down there.

12.1.6.  Media relations—Hero. He’s with public relations, and he’d like to talk about what goes out to the media. If you have a document or something important about an event that happened that is private and has not been released, please consult with PR beforehand. Other than that, talk to the press about whatever you like, just try not to speak for everybody. Make sure you’ve stated that it is your opinion, and do not speak for your entire race or everybody at camp. Thank you and remember not to talk about events that are happening and have not been cleared.

12.1.7.  Arts and Culture—Alex and Libor. They have experienced a huge surge of artists and work in the past week, and they are trying to build capacity to harness all of the creative power and creative ideas that are coming through in the square or on the web. They meet every day at 6PM at the northwest corner of the square. If you have an event, you are more than welcome to come and showcase at the square. Email so they can put your work on the calendar, so your art and spirit is here and abroad.

12.1.8.  Internet—Drew. The internet group is setting up email addresses that will be publicly available for other groups from the general assembly. If you would like to have your group email address online please connect with him, and he will give you the details. You can also email Please provide email addresses that you would like your email to forward to. In other news, our friend Ketchup was gifted a laptop. It has come to his attention that there is some contention. He would like to clear that up. This laptop is an essential tool for this very general assembly. We are taking notes, minutes, on what happens here, so we can share it with all of you, with all of NY, with all the United States, with all the world, so they know what we are doing and what we are deciding.

12.1.9.  Labor Working Group—Jackie. Labor is under attack! They want our support! The problem is… not that we can’t connect, but we’d be up all night every day if we made all the connections being offered! Some of you have heard that we had a very successful march yesterday from here to the postal workers’ rally at a congressman’s office. When people marched in even though the police had tried to stop them, they received an extremely enthusiastic response from the workers. As a result, the political director of one of the postal unions came and joined our labor committee with the goal of bringing the postal workers here. Events over the next few days which we would like you to participate in:  Thursday—meet at 11:30AM at the red sculpture if they are willing to go and join a picket line for Verizon workers at 1:40 West St. They had a militant strike, then got screwed again. Asking for support. Also will be supporting them on Friday.  Friday—meet at 11AM to join an action in support of Verizon workers. A creative action. Anyone interested in Thursday flyering, see Jake.  Friday—5:30PM. A lot of people, including from her Cuny Faculty Union have planned a rally at 1 Police Plaza to denounce the police for what they did last Saturday. They will then march from Police Plaza to Liberty Square.  Tuesday—Flyering DC 37, which has a rally at City Hall. They will meet there at 5PM and encourage them to relate to Occupy Wall Street. They are supporting them particularly because one of their locals of school age is going to face thousands of layoffs. They have a very good relationship with that local.  October 5—A student walk-out and a major labor protest being organized by the people who did the big march on May 12, which included many community groups and unions. They will meet there at 4:30. It’s very important that we be there. People may consider marching there. She directs this question to the direct action committee.  The next meeting of the Labor Support and Outreach working group will be Monday, 6PM, red sculpture, then proceed someplace quieter. Give Jackie your email if interested.

12.1.10.  Open Source Solutions—Ted. Today they started a process to start addressing what their demands might be. It was very successful. They are adopting a tried and true process of visioning, strategizing, exciting actions. We will be sharing this with the group tomorrow. They have a statement that they are drafting currently to give to the outside world, that we will ask for consensus on with everybody. The other thing they are working on is an independent cell phone infrastructure. If anybody has a ham radio license, let him know so they can use that.

12.1.11.  Facilitation—Really important meeting: Intro to Direct Democracy Process. Who is new? Many hands! Welcome! This meeting teaches you what’s going on here. It teaches you how to use this process to empower yourselves to be a part of this community, to bring your skills and your ideas and share them with all of us, so we can make this a more beautiful place. This meeting is at 5:30PM every day at the bottom of the stairs. It’s really important, try to remember. Come back from work, go to the meeting, come back to assembly, and you’ll know what to do! See you tomorrow!

12.1.12.  Community outreach—Jay. Almost done with our version of a canvassing rap for the Outer Boroughs. This is integral to outreach in general, specifically for diversifying. Meet under the red sculpture after assembly if you’d like to be a canvasser. They need at least 15, will probably canvass every day around 3 and 11AM.


12.1.13.  Outreach—Eva and Danny. See a show of hands—who here is outreach? We’re all outreach! Everyone raise your hands! On that note, we have a meeting—very important—every single day after the GA on the southwest corner of the park. They would like to encourage everyone to come. Also, the group that announced about canvassing is encouraged to join the general outreach committee, which also has a canvassing aspect. Also: there was a very fruitful outreach engagement. Yesterday they went on the R train and performed a skit, a song, and received an extremely enthusiastic reception. We estimate in one hour we reached 2,000 people. Keep this in mind—you can do your own outreach, but it’s probably better to be creative. It gets people’s attention!

12.1.14.  Community relations—Justin. Spent the day talking with local vendors who have had their business curtailed by over-policing and barricading out on Wall Street, in particular there is an awesome artist who was very supportive of us back when OWS was ten people doing yoga on Wall Street and Broadway. But now she’s struggling to pay rent for her space there, and to host a fundraiser to pay that rent. He wants to invite us all to come to her fundraiser and to see it. See him if you want to join tomorrow or want to help their committee.

12.1.15.  Comfort—Abe. First of all, they need a lot of sweatshirts, sweatpants, and socks [editor: how to donate]. The way we’re going to get that is please donate them and drop them off at comfort! This is mainly addressed to people who are not here. So everyone reading this, please donate sweatshirts, sweatpants, and socks! He would like to request $300 from the money they have raised to buy sweatshirts and sweatpants. Feel from the group? Seems fine. He has noticed some people have been sleeping underneath plastic tarps. Never cover your face with plastic! You might not wake up!

12.1.16.  Food—Amy. Food is doing really well, but we are growing quickly as a group, and food is struggling to keep up. Anyone who wants to, get your ass in the kitchen! Meetings are 11AM and 4PM every day. A lot of our food today was made by them, which is awesome! More will be made by them tomorrow! If you have kitchens you want to let them use, DO IT! Come to the kitchen, we have a contact book. Put your info in, we’ll party at your house. Thanks, we love you!

12.1.17.  Direct Action—Seeing a lot of new faces! Perhaps a lot of you really want to learn more about activism and direct action! She wants to help teach about that. There are four or five of them who want to help teach about that. They will be facilitating Direct Action 101 Friday at 3PM for anyone interested. They will cover basics like role plays on what to do if you’re arrested, how to have solidarity with other people who are protesting alongside you. Very important and fun stuff! So find her 3PM Friday, and down at the end, and they’ll go to the park and have fun.

12.1.18.  Last issue—A gentleman named Sergio who is translating our publicity material made a call for translators. Up front we have a very capable translator. If Sergio or anyone from his group is here, please come up and talk to the translator. They found each other!

12.2.  Announcements

F: Keep at one minute or less each! The timekeeper will enforce this! Raise hand for stack! Discussion capped at 20 minutes.

12.2.1.  Jackie—anyone who wants to join the Labor working group, sign up at the welcome table on Broadway.

12.2.2.  Tomorrow, Thursday September 29 at 6:30 there is a First Precinct community council for Anthony Bologna (Tony Balonie) at 16 Erickson Place NY NY. He was the officer that maced us. Please make a presence. 212-333-0611 is the phone number. Please remember that we are non-violent protestors! Even though he maced us, we will be calm and non-violent!

12.2.3.  Mel—Yesterday when many of the occupiers were rallying in solidarity with the NYC postal workers, she received a letter from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers: 50,000 member union thanks the 99% who are currently occupying Wall Street. Our actions in demanding justice, fairness, equality, and peace inspire them. We are smart, strategic, creative, non-violent, and inclusive. They are also fighting against a neo-liberal government in Canada. The government is working to increase the amount of people in jails and decrease healthcare and education spending. In June 2011, the neo-liberal government of Canada ordered members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers back to work after their employer imposed a nationwide walk-out. This legislation is draconian. They know that our struggles are intertwined. Please keep up the struggle! It gives them hope. Solidarity!

12.2.4.  Michael—Organizes with the group called Organizing for Occupation. The goal of this group is to actualize the human right to housing through direct action. Tomorrow at 6PM this group will have a discussion on how the struggle for a home fits into larger struggles against systems based in greed and scarcity. The hopeful goal will be to organize joint actions to disrupt foreclosure options next week. If you would like to join them, meet at the red sculpture tomorrow at 6PM.

12.2.5.  Yosan—Represents the Coalition of People’s Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability. Here with Bion USA, Bail Out the People Movement. They are coordinating an action on Friday at 4PM here. The demands of the action are to stop NYPD crackdown on all of us, to stop NYPD crackdown on low income immigrant and communities of color, to stop police targeting of Muslim communities, and stop racist detentions and deportations. They will do a program here, then march to 1 Police Plaza to join the other actions by labor. At the program here, People’s Justice, a coalition of grassroots organizations led by immigrants and people of color will be holding a Know Your Rights training. You may ask, why should we know our rights when the cops do whatever they want anyway? We all know that the police serve to protect the interests of the state and the corporate elite. Knowing our rights is just one of many tools we need to fight them and keep ourselves safe, and keep each other safe, and stand in solidarity with immigrant and communities of color. So we hope you will join us on Friday.

12.2.6.  James—From the Committee to Stop FBI repression. They are working with the United National Anti-War Committee. They are planning a march on Saturday the 15th to mark ten years of resistance to the bloody immoral wars that initiated with the attack on Afghanistan, and they want to work with us, because they are in solidarity! It’s the same struggle, and we’re inspiring them! He wants to talk with the outreach committee and work with them going forward to plan the march. They will also have a forum with activists already under attack by the FBI for their political activities. That forum will be Saturday night, October 15.

12.2.7.  Please keep in mind when you’re marching that the people behind you may have severe asthma and can’t breathe when you’re smoking. Please either refrain until we get back, or move to the back of the march.

12.2.8.  Matt—If you are interested in assisting with childcare or need childcare, come talk to Matt after the assembly. He is a school teacher and has materials to bring here, such as games, radical children’s books, water coloring, sing-a-longs, tutoring, etc.

12.2.9.  Kelly—A group is trying to plan a march from here to DC, later in the week, after the weekend, when our numbers will probably double again! They are hoping to coincide with the march! That is planned for later in the month in DC. The occupation is starting October 6, so they’ve been thinking of leaving from here then and joining them later. If interested in discussing this crazy amazing idea, meet over on the stairs after GA.

12.2.10.  Medic—A few days ago we had some medic people who are clearly marked with a cross try to buy supplies at Duane Read. They refused us! We have come to find out that Duane Read is possibly telling their employees not to sell to us! So medical could really use some help in when we need to go get supplies. Obviously the red crosses are known in the city now. So when we need some help, we would love some volunteers.

12.2.11.  Ted—Brookfield, the owners of the plaza, are at their wits’ end. We need to make a fast group to organize us to be in solidarity with them. The point of the meeting is for us to begin communicating with Brookfield, so we don’t ever have to worry about them wanting us out of here, because we will always be here, and they’re not ever going to kick us out.

12.2.12.  Tyson—He has access to 200lbs of various types of meat! Unfortunately, it is all frozen and we have sixteen minutes to find freezers for it before it all gets thrown out. We need one person with access to a large enough facility to contain all the meat in one space. If you have access to that facility, meet him by the giant red sculpture! Hurry! [editor: please tweet @NYC_GA if this was resolved]

12.2.14.  Would like to add to tomorrow’s agenda a discussion of proposals for amending the process we use in this GA.

12.2.15.  Arts and Culture—Please put on your calendars Monday October 3 is a Zombie March! Everyone come dressed as a corporate zombie! This means jacket and tie if possible, white face, fake blood, eating monopoly money, and doing a slow march, so when people come to work on Monday in this neighborhood they see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions. Tell your friends, Facebook it, Twitter it, and it can be MJ Thriller-style too! Create a different image than police brutality!


12.2.17.  Purple Star—Idea for people who want to stand in solidarity with us but cannot be at the square. We create a symbol they can wear. Her idea is a purple star because when you take the American flag and you put all the colors together, you get purple. And each star represents each state, and we’re occupying the states. Do we feel good about that? Yeah!

12.2.18.  Experienced or witnessed patriarchal violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, and many other extremely negative attitudes. We would like to do something about it. If you are white or a sis-gendered guy, please be conscious of your privilege. In the coming days, we will be organizing workshops in order to address these issues. He would like to make clear that it is not the responsibility of marginalized people to teach you how to not be oppressive. CHECK YOURSELF!

12.2.19.  Idea for a slogan we could use if we like the ideas coming out of the square and can be used by people who aren’t in the square, who are in solidarity with our ideas. The slogan is, “I am a citizen of Liberty Square.” People like it! Point of process—proposals like this are proposals, which should be submitted to get on the agenda, not really an announcement.


12.2.20.  Would like to take what’s here back to Philadelphia. If there’s anyone from there or has interest in taking this there, please meet him after this GA somewhere around this tree. Thank you!

12.2.21.  We should get a consensus of what exactly we want—the corporations, the lobbyists, we are underserved. Just a thought. We can have hundreds of thousands of people on any set date we choose. We should choose a date and bring hell—sorry, HEAVEN!

12.2.22.  Michael—drove down from Woodstock NY to join us in solidarity! He hosts a poetry open mic in Woodstock on Mondays. The writers and poets collected money, he came down to give it to us! Occupy Wall Street is the only Wall Street the poets at the Hudson Valley will invest in! He was proud to march with us today. Stay strong, he loves us!

12.2.23.  Never lock a bike to a temporary scaffold—the building owner can cut your lock at any time. There are notices on some bikes across the street. Please move your bike, or you will lose it. If you lock to a tree, you get a large fine.

12.2.24.  Dawn—she crochets. It’s going to get cold soon. She proposes we start a new group called the Living Craft, where you will learn how to make hats, gloves, scarves, socks, long underwear, maybe blankets, maybe more! This group should also include weavers, woodworkers, carpenters, knitters. There is no reason why we can’t all learn to make our own clothes! This is one way to be sustainable and self-sufficient and have a future, and not use sweatshop labor! If you like this and want to learn or share your skills, come find her. She will be at the outreach meeting after GA. Thank you!

12.2.25.  Danny—Tomorrow at 6PM Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Quiet, a radical activist performance group will be performing here for all of us! They will do a half-hour set of original gospel music that involves many of the themes we talk about on a daily basis here. Tomorrow at 6PM. Look for white suit, blonde pompadour. Celebrities should also check their privilege!

12.2.26.  John Henley—Lower-east side anti-police brutality activist. Also coordinator for anonymous PayPal legal defense team in California. Has booked the steps of city hall, Mayor Bloomburg’s steps, for an anti-police brutality protest. 4-5PM Monday afternoon. People should show up early between 3-4 because you have to go through security check to get onto the steps. He would like everyone here who was arrested or brutalized by the NYPD to show up there on Monday. We can only get 300 people on the steps, but if you can’t get on the steps, we will continue at City Hall Park after leaving the steps. Any citizen of NYC can reserve the steps of City Hall for a press conference. Norman Segull won this during the Guiliani years when they wanted to close the steps to all speakers.

12.3.  Bail Proposal

12.3.1.  Super exciting proposal! Frame it when we march on Wall Street, we have a really cool chant: They got bailed out, we got sold out! It’s true! In the spirit of that chant, let’s not sell each other out. Let’s bail each other out of jail. They propose that the legal group, in the chants time, when someone needs bail, they will have access to the thousands of dollars that people have generously donated to the cause on Wall Street. Bail in NYC never generally exceeds $1000, and that amount would be rare. One concern they’re trying to cover now. Another suggestion brought to them was that they have their own funds that they ask for from the public for bail money. But we’re a group that shows solidarity for each other. We’re trying to create a new paradigm where we care for each other! So it’s symbolically important that we have access to the funds that represent all of us. People seem cool with this. In the chance that once of us is arrested at a protest and needs bail, let’s have this money.

12.3.2.  Should we limit bail to disorderly conduct? The concern is that people might resist arrest, raise bail, and stretch our funds. You may want to beat the shit out of a cop if he arrests you, but it could stretch our funds.  Response: You could get charged for assault for doing absolutely nothing. To limit access to bail based on really dumb charges seems unjust. They do think if there are extenuating circumstances that would make the bail really really high, like beyond $1000, of course bring it back to the GA and talk about it. But to limit it to a certain charge might be unfair.

12.3.3.  It’s a great idea we’re in solidarity. Wants to point out that this occupation has a certain amount of funds. We don’t want to cripple those funds. Maybe a consideration if this passes, we hold a few reserves, so the movement can continue and be financed appropriately.  Response: Generally bail money is returned after your trial, so basically the money would be refunded. It would be a temporary thing. Second, they started out as a fundraiser. They’re really good at it! They would be willing to do fundraising in the event that legal would be asking for bail money. They also go on Wall Street when they are marching to put people before profit. People should be put before money in general! We can all understand and say from personal experience that being in jail, knowing you have bail money waiting for you makes you feel a whole lot better about being in jail alone, away from your friends and the movement.

12.3.4.  The proposal as it stands could make us go into debt, if everyone got arrested and needed to post bail, so we might be committing to something we can’t commit to. So if funds start to drop and it’s looking like we don’t have the money to get by if this passes, we should be able to re-look at it.  Response: They agree! But solidarity goes beyond the obvious of what we can do right then to help each other out as a quick fix. If a hundred people get arrested, then we probably all won’t need bail. This is very rare. Also media attention when we get a hundred arrests is pretty high. Funds go up when people have an interest in supporting what we’re doing. It’s a great idea to bring it back to the GA, and this goes beyond just one or two people who might need bail. So that can be part of the proposal.

12.3.5.  We need a bail fund! Any group participating in direct action is organized and generally has a bail fund. But it’s often practically set as a percentage of the funds you have, so it can’t take over all of the funds.  Response: Agreed on having a percentage, since it’s common knowledge how many funds have been donated. We could become a target for potential arrests, because they might make more arrests to donate our funds.

12.3.6.  Why even co-mingle our funds? Why not have a separate fund? If you can fundraise, start fundraising for that fund. We could start with a percentage. Would like to propose a friendly amendment that brings these ideas together: Let’s give the funds, with the percentage, and have a separate fund be developed later, so funds are available to a percentage and the fundraising can develop in time. Thinks the vast majority of people arrested and brought before a judge in NY County are relieved on their own recognizance.  Response: Basically, what this gentleman was saying was that this will be not a very high demand or drain on the funds that we have. We had a hundred people arrested, and none of them needed bail. As far as the percentage goes, what percentage would we propose for this? Our funds are going to grow, our group is going to grow, and our number of arrests will probably grow as well. The percent might change, and also do we have a percent for any other of the working groups? So maybe that’s something to think about. Bail seems really daunting, but it won’t happen very often. If it exceeds $1000 we’ll bring it back to the GA to discuss it.

Concern about a separate fund—likes that idea, but what is better is the whole group supporting the people who put their bodies and reputations on the line to be with us in solidarity. So they think symbolically that having access to the general fund is really important for us.

12.3.7.  Understands money is a tough issue. But he saw a plate by the signs: if you have money, give some. If you need money, take some. That plate was still full, which means we are not stealing from ourselves. We are great at supporting ourselves! Furthermore, the OWS movement at large is also great at supporting us! How many thousands of meals over the past twelve days have we not paid for? We will have support! Would like to suggest that we think about this fund as a strike fund. In the same way, which is that you don’t always go on strike, but you always have the fund. And you have the fund to show solidarity and to know that when you get in trouble, you have the money to back yourselves up. Wants to second the original proposal, and add that in the spirit of solidarity, everyone who is here and who has money should contribute something, anything to this fund in that spirit. We shouldn’t bail out anybody arrested who is an outside provocateur.  Response: That is not the proposal.

12.3.8.  Proposal: In the rare event that someone needs bail because they were protesting or arrested in this square and its occupation, then we would provide bail money from the general funds. If it exceeds $1000, they will bring that to the GA.

F: Any blocks? NO!
12.3.9.  CONSENSUS


12.4.  Internet Discussion

12.4.1.  Drew with Internet! Wants to clear up some questions he’s been hearing around the park. Our website is (New York City General Assembly). You may be much more familiar with They are an affinity group working closely in solidarity with all of us. However, the NYCGA is responsible to you. The NYCGA keeps records of these assemblies, group minutes, the groups that are active and provides pertinent information to us. He would like to open up a BRIEF—no more than twenty minutes—question and suggestion stack, so please get on stack.

12.4.2.  What is our official hashtag on twitter?  The one widely used is #occupywallstreet. We have no official one. If you would like to make one concerning the GA, use #nycga.  Also, the website’s twitter is @nyc_ga. This account is open to receive pertinent information, calendar events, media, and anything else directly related to the GA.

12.4.3.  Have we—if not—can we make some flyers with that information regarding the websites?  Yes! He will work diligently to outline this information, both online and in flyer form, which he can distribute.

12.5.  Announcements

12.5.1.  Food committee—Dmitri needs 3-4 people to help close the kitchen tonight around people. Also needs 3-4 volunteers to help serve breakfast tomorrow at 7. If you’re interested in helping, come see him now at the food table. Thank you!

12.5.2.  For anyone interested in attending or performing, there will be a talent show right over there when the GA breaks!

12.5.3.  Last weekend an informal tally of states represented in the plaza. A majority of states are represented in the plaza, at least 26. As far away as Anchorage, Alaska!

12.5.4.  Lost and found is by the central flowers.

12.5.5.  Group will meet right here right now about step up, step back, boundaries, gender pronouns, invites us all to come.

12.5.6.  There will be a Slut Walk Saturday at noon before our march that’s against gender-based violence and sexual assault! They would like us to be there, and they will merge their march with our march.

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