NYGA Minutes 9/27/11

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Date / Time: 9/27/2011

Location: Liberty Plaza




11.1.  Report Backs

11.2.  Announcements

11.3.  Agenda Items (Demands)

11.1.  Announcements/Report Backs

11.1.1.  Direct Action: meeting tomorrow at 11AM at the library

11.1.2.  Media: looking to video the democratic process and is looking for more donated gear
Contact media if you have media of photo to submit. Email media: owsimages@yahoo.com

11.1.3.  Legal: Arrestees with DATs or just court dates will meet on Thursday and Friday to discuss the case. Legal suggests that you come up with a strategy first together. This may not be a consensus decision – everyone has autonomy – but a collective strategy will be powerful. The National Lawyers Guide (green hats) do mass defense – they watch for police misconduct. Before talking about your criminal case – first talk to your lawyer.

11.1.4.  October is the month of rage. October 5th students and community groups and workers will take part in a student walk out. Meeting after the GA. If anyone wants a flyer.

11.1.5.  Community relations: Food, donations, support in general, gonna expand that. One thing we’re doing is a walking tour of neighborhood at 10am tomorrow. Come along and invite tourists and everyone. If you want to work with us meet us at 10 am. Man with brown hat. Come to community group!

11.1.6.  Arts and Culture: I would like to invite artists and everyone who wants to share music, poetry and paintings to be here on the square — art and music belong with people. There are legal issues that the police are using to try and suppress our art. But that does not stop us. Ways to dance around the cracks in the system. We are developing a framework to develop … nyga.net for info. Lastly, we have some stunts planned, for example a zombie march! Financial district, money hungry. a beautiful peoples’ stage that started today. If you want to know more, we hold meetings at noon?? And 6pm.

11.1.7.  Open source solutions: We are the free library open source technology group.
Our mission is to make sure everyone knows what free library open source means. It means you have the right to use, modify, improve and share information, tools, data, knowledge,  that you need to create the world you want. You cannot have the world you want using proprietary solutions with corporations which don’t care about your rights. Come to library, we will give you Linux. Come to library if you know about Linux. And we’re going to space using open source technology. And we will all be free. Informational videos about this movement, so we can spread everywhere in the world. Other thing we’ll work on is inter-group support. With open source technology, the other thing we’d like to tdo is supply some support for our demands. So all of us can participate in that. How does that sound? Meeting over there (broadway) after the meeting, and in general.

11.1.8.  Comfort: Kerry from comfort. If you gave your laundry to be done, it’s done. Please pick it up. It’s between medical and comfort. Second thing, if it rains we have plenty of ponchos and towels, but we need more. That’s all.

11.1.9.  Non-English working group: Surgio. With non-English speaking committee. Need more languages, need more help. Hope to work in conjunction with other committees, especially outreach committees, to reach other non-English communities. We want to translate leaflets into as many languages as possible. Find me if you want to help translate for the revolution.

11.1.10.  Food committee: No more food donations tonight. We have enough for this night. If you have a kitchen you can donate for the preparation of food, please do

11.1.11.  Sanitation: Please clean up after yourself. Please clean your sleeping area in morning. It will likely rain, learn and take the best measures to stay dry. Also, make friends with the people who are sleeping in your vicinity.


11.2.  Announcements

11.2.1.  Announcement about Michael Moore’s proposal to shoot a show in the square. Significant crowd approval. He will be here tomorrow. Laurence O’Donald show for Moore – 8pm.
11.2.2.  An idea – have a queer caucus in the same spirit. If you identify as LGBTQ or want to be involved with people that do, go over there to be part of Queer caucus.
11.2.3.  I was contacted this morning by WUII Philadelphia, the only African-American-only owned and operated radio company in PA. They want to hear from you. Facilitators and especially the people on the ground. @albdamn or @990amwurd. They want to make sure that Occupy Philidelphia is just as successful as Occupy Wallstreet.
11.2.4.  We talked about the circle, a circle group. We decided we’d meet for our first circle. Circle A generally stands for Anarchy or Anarchism.
11.2.5.  In light of occupy Philadelphia – I’ve been worked with impromptu working group If you want to be part of this new working group, meet us after GA. WE want to talk about spreading movement to other occupied cities. Possible DC march or occupation.
11.2.6.  Counter-recruitment 199 chambers street. BMCC. There are 3 recruiting stations within a block of the school. Join me tomorrow 5:30 pm, Marriot and Times Square – come protest the evil bastard. BMCC is closed till Saturday. Help bring students from counter-recruitment to here!
I am going up in the following weeks to help set up occupy Boston. And want to start writing a manifesto if you will for how to set up GA s to plan for occupations. If interested, or any of the committes that are related, I want to speak to you. Open Souce Solutions group will help team up.

11.2.7.  I have something I want to read to everyone. “I support safe spaces because America is already a safe space for white heterosexual males. I don’t fit under those categories. Because we have black president does not mean we’re post racisism. Because we have a gay friend does not mean we’re post homophobia. Created queal does not mean treated equal. Because privilege exists. Ignoring that fact makes you part of the problem not part of the solution.” I have to add to that that we’ve heard some complaints about sexual harassment. If you want to hug someone, ask. If you want to dance or talk with someone or take ak picture, ask permission. Meeting tomorrow night to discuss further.
11.2.8.  I want to make it very clear that I know and I know a lot of others know, that people are having some psychosis problems. Might be feeling a little weak. See Lily. Is free. She guarantees 100% anonymous. See her.
11.2.9.  Anyone who wants to sign up for Google group, preparations for Sept 17th and this, sign up at info desk. Internet committee needs IT tech. signup at info desk. Sign up soon.
11.2.10.  If interested in learning more about direct democracy, specifically how to structure a democratic org, that meets your specific purposes, workshop tomorrow at 5:30 by the steps.
11.2.11.  I would like to announce the 1460, AFT Brooklyn supports Occupy Wall Street. We’re gonna be here with you with our union brothers and sisters. Put down more info!!!
11.2.12.  Two faculty from persons??? Will be holding classes from 3-6 on how to speak better???? This Saturday a conference in Brooklyn at St Frances college – organized by union of political radical economists. Might be mistake, google it. Forms of organization and logistics and direct action are crucial. That’s not all there is. They are out of ideas, we have ideas. WE could structure a new economy. Organizations I’m a part of have their panel before the march at 11:30. If you want to learn more about Marxist Humanist Initiative, see me. Google conference. Many panels. Then go to march.
11.2.13.  I am a criminal defense attorney. Here to volunteer time and effort on your behalf. Look forward to working with the lawyers guild. I’d like to you know that if you are arrested, say nothing to the police. Give them your name and address, and ask them for a phonecall. It used to be a rule that if you asked for attorney, then all police questioning woiuld stop. Supreme struck that down recently in the Roberts court. So if they tell you after they’ve red your maranda, that you are protected and can say anything and it wont be used against you, that is a lie.


11.3.  Next agenda points: Demands

F: Community Board voted to support GA!
11.3.1.  Demands: We are going to go through a participatory process to develop these demands and visions together. It is very important that all voices are heard and we tried our best to make a process that includes all kinds of people equally. We should look at these demands as a way to include more ideas, not limit ideas, so that more people can find their home in this movement – we acknowledge that some people really want no demands at all. It’s important for the sake of this movement to have some demands and visions voiced. But in the process we will continue to record that there are people who want no demands. So this process will include people who do not want demands. This process is important for outreach – so we can invite people from different communities, so we can amplify their demands – so that liberty plaza can become a place to discuss restructuring society. We can add demands as this movement progresses. A lot of people cannot be here – so we will have other ways for people to participate.
11.3.2.  The process: On Friday at the GA, this square will be covered in enormous pieces of paper, each sheet of paper will have a different issue heading on it: gender, heath care, prisons, race. There will also be blank pieces of paper for new headings. During the GA we will give everyone a marker and 30+ minutes to walk around the square to write your demands on the papers. If you agree with a statement, you can add a check to it. Then people will consolidate the list and put them on line and we will continue to develop them as they come.
11.3.3.  Friendly amendments  There are many people who cannot make demands because they are in a refugee camp or prison. We must make sure their voices are heard too.  Let’s do this on Saturday – for working people  Let’s start these lists tonight. (It is also going to rain.)
11.3.4.  Accepted: Friday & Saturday we will have papers available. We take a lot of time to look this over as a group.  Accepted: Because this process is about getting all of our voices into this document, that it’ss about a plurality of visions and demands, because of this we don’t need to agree and squeeze all of this into a single voice. And that there is no need to bring this back to GA for consensus. That we allow all our voices and demands to exist together.

11.3.5.  Amended proposal: On Friday we are going to spend 30 minutes to 45 minutes in the assembly writing our demands on paper, including indigenous concerns. The papers will stay up until Sunday. Then a group will write it all it up on one sheet so we all know we are a talking about it together. We will make sure people can participate online. Then it will be brought back to the assembly and read out.
11.3.6.  Comments  Perhaps we can come up with one demand. Think about it.  What is the process if two demands are contradictory or if the demand is not accepted by everyone here  The group of volunteers can take the proposals on Sunday or Monday  Let’s have a group of wordsmiths write them up  It seems that the document will be broad – and the focus should be on wall street  This is a merely a mechanism to collect demands  Economic and social concerns do not exist in a vacuum  We need one solid demand to be taken seriously  Have a simple clear set of demands  If we have a really long list – people will put things on there to make us look bad  “A list of submitted demands” – lots of twinkles  Bring down Wall Street! Re-create society!

11.3.7.  The demands discussion was tabled for further crafting.

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