NYCGA Minutes 9/26/2011

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Date / Time: 9/26/2011

Location: Liberty Plaza




10.1.  Working Group Report Backs

10.2.  Announcements

10.3. Open Forum

10.1.  Working Group Report Backs

10.1.1.  Comfort — Alan. Needs more people, needs a number of things like space blankets, blankets, pillows, etc.

10.1.2.  Outreach — A number of events planned. There are four subcommittees—canvassing, guerrilla, organizational, and materials. Starting canvassing today and Wednesday they are going to have an official canvass training, possibly after GA. See Nalini.

10.1.3.  Facilitation — Andy. They are having a meeting to allow for criticism of the facilitation process. People who want to facilitate should get training. It is open to everyone, we would especially encourage people who have experience with group dynamics.

10.1.4.  Direct Action — Sandy. If you have a direct action you would like to propose, form a small group, form a thorough proposal, and present to the direct action group. We will write down upcoming marches, events, etc., that people can join. Direct action is planning a march for this weekend. Today at 4 a march to support professors who might lose their healthcare. This is in place of the usual 3:30 march. There will be an event where the elite of Manhatten will celebrate themselves at fancy restaurants, chocolate stores. Leave at 5:30 to disrupt their fun. Ask for questions. Also an agenda item for relocation plan.

10.1.5.  Arts and Culture — Alex. Just had a very exciting arts and culture meeting. Over fifty people joined, and a dog! Discussed many stunts to create civil disobedience around the financial district and other areas. Come to him or information booth to know what’s up. They need more people to have fun and fight back.

10.1.6.  Finance — They have about $3000 available. They will have more available tomorrow when they get a credit union account, and they can transfer money into it. They are working on financial transparency, and they will have charts showing where all the money has gone. They are also working to determine which accounts online, such as Paypal and other money services are directed to them and which ones are not. We should know that by the end of today or tomorrow. There is $25,000 altogether.

10.1.7.  Recycling — The amount of recyclables being thrown in the trash is disgusting. Anyone who wants to help with recycling please meet by the first aid station after the general assembly meeting. Plastics that are recyclable include any blown plastic. This includes water bottles, Gatorade bottles, milk and water jugs.

10.1.8.  Food — If people have specialized dietary needs, during meal time is not the time to let them know. Go talk to them in the kitchen anytime, they are always there. They close after hours, they need your help. They are having a meeting at 4 over in the kitchen. If you’re interested in helping, join them.

10.2.  Announcements

10.2.1.  United — They brought shirts, and they are in solidarity.

10.2.2.  Ten people were interviewed for news coverage. Only one of them was a woman. The 99% are not 90% men. Today at 4PM there will be a media training for women or people who are not male identified. If that describes you, and you have ever felt that you had something to say to the press, but it’s not that important, it’s probably be said, it can wait, or someone else can probably say it better than me—please come to this training! Please meet them over there and learn together. Some veteran media people from her organization have offered to help.

10.2.3.  Ray — Wants to get a group together to talk about things ruining the planet. This includes energy companies, the banks that finance them to do gross natural resource extraction, like deep-water drilling, hydro-fracking, etc. If interested, talk to Ray.

10.2.4.  Gabe — Stay calm and totally peaceful and nonviolent no matter what! This whole event was featured on the front page of the New York Times! The mainstream media are opening their eyes to what’s happening.

10.2.5.  Jeff Moss — Running for president for the second time. He witnessed our government arrange the 9/11 attack. He has the tapes. Not one newspaper or TV station will run his paid advertisements. Speak to him if interested. Keep up the great work.

10.2.6.  Info — Want to make sure the name, location, of group meeting times are updated. They will be keeping all pertinent information in an accordion folder.

10.2.7.  Ted — Wants everyone to take part in the work he’s been doing for a year to help popularize activism and community development. It’s a massively multi-player real-life game with a lot of venture capital interests. He’s been working hard to keep them away because it needs to be for the people. He spoke with a researcher in gaming at Carnegie Melon, and he thinks there’s a good chance it could take over the whole world. Meet him in an hour by the library. If you’re interested in open source, sustainable development, play, and the outdoors, and movement, you’ll probably like this. You can look it up online at

10.2.8.  Anyone interested in rhythms and drumming meet at 5.

10.2.9.  Arthur — Wants to propose a thematic group on the issue of nationalism and imperialism. Although this happens in the United States, this is not a national issue. So some things to consider would be branding with American flags and pro-national discussion.

10.2.10.  Ray — Has a letter from a soldier in Iraq who participates in their own general assembly. They have their own working groups, but due to time constrictions, they should give their ideas in a more condensed form. They are going to come join us at the end of November in uniform! Conclusions their working groups have come to:  They think our one demand should be the complete reform and isolation of the stock exchange commission. They think we should demand that accountability of health and audited and that commission be completely isolated from any politician, lobbyist, or executive, to prevent biased rulings.  They feel like a marginalized group. They would like to propose we come up with some kind of forum to represent bodies that can’t physically be here, so that we don’t miss out on possibly indispensable information.  They would like us to know they are coming with a ton of military tactical information that is used by the NYPD. They can help us with biochemical warfare like tear gas, pepper spray, and other forces used against us.

10.2.11.  Speak Easy Caucus — This caucus is for anyone not 100% male-identified. We are writing a letter to Colbert because we are upset at how non-males were portrayed on that show. We are sending a letter mentioning the fact that only males were interviewed, and that one of our sisters was portrayed as only a naked female body and was not allowed to speak.

10.2.12.  There should be a separation between corporations and state just like church and state. No longer should it be that the more money you have = the more say you have in government.

10.2.13.  Slutwalk this Saturday! This is a March that started in Toronto when the head of police there excused rape by the way the women dressed. This march is leaving at noon on Saturday at Union Square. If you are interested in creating a group to march from here to join them to express their solidarity, come talk to him.

10.2.14.  Michael — Came from Philadelphia in response to the police repression of this demonstration, and he’s been greatly moved by the people here. Especially touched by the presence of organized labor. We need more workers and people of color. Racism is the greatest tool that capitalists use to divide us. Has noticed a presence of some fascist forces here. Has found repeated copies of The American Free Press at the literature table. It is a Nazi paper, calling John Brown a serial killer. He understands we carry a variety of perspectives, but racism is inexcusable. That being said, national chauvinistic attitudes, fascist and racist political movements, such as Tea Party and Ron Paul should be excluded.

10.2.15.  I’m a night transit worker in the subway, and he’s a member of the Transport Workers Union. Proud to have been a striker against Wall Street and the banks in 2005. When you pay your fare, about 25% will go to MTA bonds for tax free revenue to bankers and Wall Street crooks. He is also a member of the United National Anti-War coalition, which was established a year ago at a conference of 800 people. Their position is out now in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia. Was reading an article about how Afghanistan has incredible mineral resources. According to Scientific American, it may become the most important mining country in the world. Invites everyone to a meeting tonight of the Anti-War Coalition. They will also speak about the actions that have taken place here and the police brutality over the weekend. They will mainly concentrate on October 15 demonstration. They will be protesting at the Afghan mission, the Libyan mission, Israeli mission, they say OUT NOW.

10.2.16.  Do not deface any property!

10.3.  Open Forum

People may feel free to leave.


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