NYCGA Minutes 9/23/11

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Date / Time: 9/23/2011 / ?

Location: Liberty Plaza



F: Review of Process (Hand Signals and their Meaning)



7.1.  Working Group Report Backs

7.2.  Announcements

7.3.  Agenda Items (Legal, Consolidation of Principles, Direct Action)

7.1.  Working Group Report Backs

7.1.1.  Medic – Needs more people with medical experience who are willing to help or at least more people to undergo training to be part of the Medic Working Group.

7.1.2.  Internet – Announced that they are now working closely with to ensure information is spread to the public.

7.1.3.  Legal – Announced that there would be a proposal later in the GA regarding a retainer with a law firm and its implications on the occupation.

7.1.4.  Arts – Announced that on Saturday (09/24/11) at 2:30PM there would be a small concert for those interested in hearing music. Also, on Sunday (09/25/11) at 1PM there would be a one man theater.

7.1.5.  Direct Action – Announced that they would be giving a presentation later in the meeting on Solidarity and the Police.

7.1.6.  Rain Committee – Called for volunteers that were willing to take people in for the evening so that they could rest and be dry. Also, there is a nearby shelter that could potentially take in around twenty individuals.

7.1.7.  Principles of Consolidation – Announced that they would be presenting a second working draft of our Principles of Solidarity and would be submitting a proposal pertaining to it.

7.1.8.  Town Planning – Called for a discussion on the issue of dogs in the plaza.

7.1.9.  Facilitation Committee – Announced that there would be facilitation training at 12PM and 6PM for those who would like to take an active role in helping to run general assemblies.

7.2.  Announcements

7.2.1.  Kevin – Is putting together a magazine and has called for submissions of writing and art and has welcomed anyone to join him in helping to put it together.

7.2.2.  Eric – Voiced his concern about the ‘message’ of the movement, explaining that he feels that it is important to have a more defined goal (referring to Wall St).

7.2.3.  Louise – Suggested that the Occupy Wall Street movement setup an Open Forum to field questions and educate the general populace about what we are doing.

7.2.4.  Lorenzo – Asked that everyone be proactive about educating themselves about the movement and all aspects of it to better understand its purpose.

7.2.5.  Corelle – Announced that there would be a support group meeting for those with faith.

7.2.6.  Robert – Announced he would be leading a teach-in about the corruption of the ‘Bank of America,’ in front of one of the branches after the GA.

7.2.7.  Max – Made a requested for individuals who are interested in being interviewed about their experiences with the OWS movement and how it pertains to other global movements.

7.2.8.  Jesse – Announced that there would be a Day of Action against Global Warming and Climate Change at the UN, Saturday (09/24/11) at 2PM.

7.2.9.  Amanda – Announced that there will be a teach-in on Feminism and invited people to seek her out for more information.

7.2.10.  Matt – Suggested that Outreach be present at concerts in NYC to spread the message of OWS.

7.2.11.  Peter – Proposed that there be a designated smoking area.

7.2.12.  Ted – Called for more tech support for the group.

7.2. 13.  There was another announcement made out of order during the agenda that will be presented here: An arrestee support group has been established and encourages anyone who has been arrested or may be arrested to seek them out.

7.3.  Agenda

7.3.1.  Legal – Proposed that the group cancel its retainer with a specific law firm based on various reasons and moved to have consensus after explaining the situation in depth.  Consensus was reached and it was decided that the retainer would be canceled.

7.3.2.  Principles of Consolidation – Proposed that the second draft of our Principals of Solidarity be posted online to show the online community and the world at large that steps are being take to better refine the message of the movement.  Many individuals voiced concerns including: no mention of the environment, issues with the language used and how it might be perceived and the concern that a ‘draft’ should not be the first submission presented to the world at large.  After some in depth and important information it was explained that the document would be a ‘living’ document, a draft for our unifying principals, that is being proposed to be posted online.  There was a move for consensus but there were four blocks:  The first block, regarding the use of the phrase ‘redistribution of wealth’ and how it sounded dangerously similar to theft, explained their position. After it was decided, via consensus, that that particular item would be removed before posting online, the block was removed.  A second block was made regarding the importance of ensuring this document was ‘open source’. After the sentiment was echoed by the group it was explained that the document would be ‘open source’ to as full an extent as possible. The block was then removed.  A third block was presented but then removed due to a misunderstanding.  A fourth block was presented pointing out that the media would misinterpret or not understand the document in its current form. The individual blocking proposed that the document not be put online until a finalized list of demands could be made. After much negotiation and discussion, the importance and urgency of getting something to the public was stressed and eventually the block was removed.  The GA then moved again for consensus and everyone was thrilled that consensus had been reached, the document would be posted online, in one of the most beautiful examples of a true democracy that I, personally, have ever seen.

7.3.3.  Direct Action – Gave a presentation on the importance of recognizing privilege and how that pertains to an individual’s perception of the police. It was also stressed, in a very well worded essay, that not everyone views the police as being on our side and that that view point is completely valid and necessary.


At the closing of the General Assembly a donated of symbolic food from Japanese refugees was presented to the group in an act of solidarity to our purpose and struggle.

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