Funding for Bail

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Frame it when we march on Wall Street, we have a really cool chant: They got bailed out, we got sold out! It’s true! In the spirit of that chant, let’s not sell each other out. Let’s bail each other out of jail. They propose that the legal group, in the chants time, when someone needs bail, they will have access to the thousands of dollars that people have generously donated to the cause on Wall Street. Bail in NYC never generally exceeds $1000, and that amount would be rare. One concern they’re trying to cover now. Another suggestion brought to them was that they have their own funds that they ask for from the public for bail money. But we’re a group that shows solidarity for each other. We’re trying to create a new paradigm where we care for each other! So it’s symbolically important that we have access to the funds that represent all of us. People seem cool with this. In the chance that once of us is arrested at a protest and needs bail, let’s have this money.

Proposal: In the rare event that someone needs bail because they were protesting or arrested in this square and its occupation, then we would provide bail money from the general funds. If it exceeds $1000, they will bring that to the GA.

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