General Assembly Minutes 9/18/11

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Meeting Date/Time: 9/18/2011 / 3pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F):



Working and thematic groups reported on their progress.

General announcements were made.

Discussion of assembly process.

Brief conversation on community code of conduct/respect.

Extended discussion of the possibility of having police liaisons. Consensus was that we will not have representatives of this body going to police, but we will deal with police as they come to us, and tactical and security and legal will work together to handle this problem.

Extended discussion of a contingency plan if forced out of the park. Consensus was that the tactical work group would be empowered to make the decision if necessary.

Extended discussion of the plan for 9/19. Consensus was reached that one group will do direct action on Wall Street, and another group will stay here and maintain the square.

At this point the assembly broke up for the evening, around 10:30 PM.

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