NYCGA Minutes 9/30/2011, 7PM

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Meeting Date/Time: 9/30/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza



F: Discussion of General Assembly Process and Facilitation Training
F: Discussion of Human Microphone
F: Discussion of Stack. Progressive stack explanation. Gives marginalized speakers more access to process. Gives those who speak less often a chance to access the process.

F: Discussion of hand symbols. Point of process (diamand shape hand sign). Speak up (finger upwards). Point of information. Approve (spirit fingers upwards). So-so (spirit fingers straight up). Disapprove (spirit fingers down). Block (arms make “X”). This is very serious and must entail an issue that is so serous to you that you would be willing to walk away from the movement over serious ethical concerns or serious safety concerns.
We cannot have this many people surrounding one person, we need a team of individuals to


14.1.  Working Group Report Backs

14.2.  Announcements

14.3.  Agenda Items (Request for Funds: Outreach, Direct Action)

14.1.  Working Group Report Backs

14.1.1.  Public Relations: Thank you everybody for coming out today and supporting our cause and I also know that it is your cause too, Most of you know me already. My name is Zero. I’m here with PR to let you know that anything you want to directly give to media or report to media that’s essential to the community, Should go to PR first, Any direct action that you want to take through media must also go thru PR. We also apologize for the misccomunication of the special guest that we were supposed to have today. Anyway thank you again and come see me if you have any questions or would like to join PR.  The support from the labor movement has become overwhelming, Since yesterday when the transit union endorsed #occuptwallstreet. The people working in the subways, they have been recievin many phone calls from other union leaders who want to support us. Let me just give you two names to remember you have already heard perhaps that the labor and community groups are mobilizing at city hallon Wednessday then they will march to liberty plaza. Next week we will see a lot of other unions coming out to endorse us. Can anyone who wants to join the labor support and outreach committee we will meet at 6pm in the southwest corner of the park.. If anyone wants to get notices of our activities give me…

14.1.2.  Open Source
14.1.3.  Legal Team: No arrests all day! Our primary responsibility is taking care of each other,

ii. We have lots of radical and progressive lawyers working with us, If you are arrested please call the National Lawyers Guild at 212-679-6018. Solidarity!

14.1.4.  Consolidation of Principles: I’m on the working group consolidating all of our principles of solidarity,. We will be presenting another draft of the principles of solidarity that we all crafted together later tonight at the assembly, You are all beautiful.

14.1.5.  Translation: We are translating our materials into as many languages as possible, If you would like to help us do this, we meet at the red thing after the general assembly.

F: There’s a new working group….
14.1.6.  Speakeasy caucus: The speakeasy caucus is a safe haven for a wide spectrum of persons ranging from female bodied persons who identify as GA women to male bodied persons who do not identify 100% as men, We will be meeting after the GA in front of the halal cart. Look for me, Thank you.

14.1.7.  Internet: Hello everyone, I’m crew with internet , This is an announcement for groups ,,, your minutes and email to  Website has problems. If you have skills with fixing these types of things please meet us at the media center.

14.1.8.  Direct Action: Tomorrow has a bunch of awesome stuff, As well as non-violent direct action training, at 2:30 there is a pacers training before the 3 o’clock march. We need pacers, A lot of pacers. So if you haven’t been or would like to be a pacer come tomorrow  Also, today’s march … a pacer is a person who keeps the march together and keeps appropriate speed. Pacer training will be tomorrow under the red structure at 2:30

14.1.9.  Facilitation: If you would like to know how to better participate in this assembly come to .the bottom of the park at 5:30 shows you how to empower yourselves within this beautiful community.  Also the facilitation is meeting in the same place and would like more people who would like to learn how to participate in the facilitation process,

F: Discussion of incoming rain

General assembly pauses to protect food and electronics from rain.

F: We want everyone to know that if you see violence,,,, make sure that the person is identified
14.1.10.  Safe Spaces: Pay attention and be aware of physical boundaries and respond to social cues, such as if you touch someone and they pull away, back off and don’t take it personally, Be respectful, We will meet by the library after the GA. We wear ping equal signs or bows… We would like to participate with all different groups to insure best practices…… we’d also like to get input from you about things that can go better, aren’t working at the far end of the square

14.1.11.  Security: Security meeting at the red structure now thank you

14.1.12.  Finance: As you can see I am no longer alone up here, This is…? We have an account at a credit union. We can now begin to address the financial processes, It’s hard gotta keep it transparent, tomorrow well talk about budgets and what we can do to work with them  It has been difficult to keep track of all the working group and I ask that all the working groups meet with us and at time TBD tomorrow to set up an account changes in finance. All groups provide a list of your members, what your description is and bring that to the group
14.1.13.  Call to Action: Last night we approved the declaration of the occupation of new york city, its online There are 26 cities in active occupation. We are a source of inspiration, this is a glorious moment. The open document We’re taking a short break Monday 6pm.

14.1.14.  Sanitation: This weekend we have a lot of people and could use a lot of help, I’ll be sweeping and cleaning all night, Come see us and see how you can help out,

14.1.15.  Outreach: There’s a lot of autonomous outreach going on, This is great but we’d love it if you could coordinate with us so we can present a more united front. There is a table for outreach but don’t wait for us. Connect with people.  Tomorrow, 9am we are receiving 100k copies of the newspaper of this occupation, #occupywallstreet journal This means we need your help more than ever. 100k copies need to be distributed, the will be at the outreach tables tomorrow. Help us distribute them all over the place. We need your help with the outreach to canvas to all of NYC, via the subways, your neighborhoods… all the communities of NYC come together.. Friday 7pm. If you want to flier…. All the fliers so far and the website…. write them distribute them…. Creative fliers online help us….


14.2.  Announcement
14.2.1.  We need help with accommodating the disabled
14.2.2.  We would like to clarify that the first edition of the OWS Journal 50-70k copies. We will need a media distribution team and people who will distribute the OWS Journal.  We raised twenty thousand dollars belonging to the general assembly. We need editors designers photographers and anyone else that would like to help with OWS Journal.
14.2.3.  Talk about groups for immigrant artists?
14.2.4.  I would like to propose the formation of the applied history working group. I don’t want to recreate the problems that got us here today, This group will focus on facts…. So we ‘re a musician or anyone who wants to be on it come see me. Or I might just find you don’t recreate broken wheels.
14.2.5.  Anthony – I just gave a speech to 5k people it was totally unplanned. I made one mistake. I apologize for it. I said we are OWS, I did not acknowledge that I am an autonomous being and do not speak for the group. I apologize and will do better if it comes up again
I would like to announce that tomorrow at 2:30 for queer and trans people on color contigent for the march tomorrow. Is not meant to be reactionary of confrontational, but rather to insure the safety of your community both physical and emotional as we attempt to build part of this march. If you want to participate show up at trininity church 1 block away south at 2:30.
14.2.6.  Brie, I presented an idea about a purple star the color represents the American flag colors blended together [sic] one star represents one unified state of humanity out of paper ciips. The idea is that you can get stars from me. But to embrace diversity we can each make our own purple star. This is for people who stay here and those who have jobs and can’t stay here.
14.2.7.  Goldy – We’re gonna do an album. This can be used for fundraising or just open source. So if you a musician come find me or I might just find you.
14.2.8.  I feel it is important that some of us stayed in camp do have jobs. I have a job. I’ve stayed in camp.
14.2.9.  Everyone thank you… everyone should know we have a walk GMO labeling starts united nations walk to washing dc oct 16 int’l right to know GMO labeling ,,,, label GMO…. Thank you everyone. Solidarity.
14.2.10.  Rachel – I’ve been working with arts and culture committee, we have a jot of people doing a lot of things . we have people working on banners that don’t violate the line of sight legality issues. If you have ideas come talk to me under red thing after GA.
14.2.11.  Dimitri- I came here this morning from Albany.. this is beautiful. We’re coming together and we’re doing something. People across the nation are coming together because they’re fed up with corporate greed. We must change the fabric of this nation away from greed. …. If we take this group make it bigger and smarter…. Learn from each other and respect each other nothing can stop us.
14.2.12.  Matthew – I’m gonna be here tomorrow morning at 9am to do 99 sun salutations everyone is welcome all you need is your body.
14.2.13.  Nole. It doesn’t matter who I am just remember that you are more powerful than you think you are. Thank you

14.3.  Agenda Items: Requests for funds

14.3.1.  Outreach- This is a request for funds proposal. We at OWS that we must come to you for anything more than $100 dollars. This proposal is for 2k$ for fliers to be handed out during the march to ….. I know you’ve heard a lot about the wonderful union support. We’d like to make Wed march biggest so far. Wed is also student walk out. So both labor students and us here at OWS will be uniting to take the streets again. Let’s get these fliers out so Wed we got power and numbers. One piece of paper costs about 10 cents. Each paper makes 4 fliers.  Concerns  My concern is more of a question is the labor union contributing money.

Response: No these are us announcing the day of the march  My concern refers to the person of the media of which there is already 20grand but for all printed material. Not necessarily concerned, just need clarification.

Response: The kickstarter fund is in process I’m understanding that you must raise a certain amount of money before taking it out. The flier is already paid for…. We’re hoping to reimburse.  Where is the fiers being made ?

Response: Anyone know about Kinko’s. LOL. A company in Queens. The OWS journals are in coordination with this flyer committee. I think they’re being printed in the same place.  Can we save on printing expense by having all working groups with printed material coordinate?

Response: Media working tirelessly tweeting…. Etc…. this is for fliers to put in hand to get them back on Wednesday.  Not everyone has access to a computer.  Have we shopped around? 10 cents a page sounds like a lot of money for bulk printing have we shopped around?
F: Temp check on proposal for allocating 2k dollars to print fliers, at this point the estimate is for 80k fliers for 2k dollars allocated for printing fliers. How do people feel?
F: Temp check mostly agrees
F: Addressing concerns.  NO BLOCKS
F: Consensus reached. Proposal passes!

14.3.2.  Funds allocation for Direct Action

F: Quick announcement from security: anyone smoking herb or drinking is not security. Security is about protecting equipment not policing the community. Keep an eye on community. Any problems come see me or big Mark.  Proposal – We are also requesting some money for printing. Different kind of printing. The artist who made the sweet shirt is offering to make us a bunch of flags for marches. We are asking for 300 dollars as the estimated cost of printing the assembly a bunch of flags.  Concerns  My concern is actually an question for clarification. How many flags will this money make? What is on the flags?

Response: The picture of a raised fist with red white colors that says we are the 99%. It’s fucking awesome.  Are we gonna be able keep these flags here without having them disappear with enthusiastic marchers?

Response: Unfortunately. I wasn’t the point person so I don’t know how many flags.

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